If you want to display a String (the title of the graphic) at a specified position, you can use the drawString method of the Graphics class:
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The FDIC s guarantee program provides a large implicit subsidy to all participating banks. In November, 2008, the FDIC s guarantee fee was a uniform 75 basis points (bps), .75 of 1 percent for a three-year bond. At that time, the average spread on credit default swaps (CDS) to buy default protection for three-year bonds of the ve largest U.S. money center banks was 255bps (slightly over 2.5 percent).52 The three-year CDS spread represents the cost of insuring that bank s unsecured debt, as valued by the capital markets. The implicit government subsidy is 180bps (1.8 percent), the difference between the 255bps average price for default protection from the private market and the 75bps guarantee fee charged by the FDIC at the time. Even if the FDIC s guarantee were 125bps because of surcharges, the implicit government subsidy would be 130bps (255bps 125bps). Because these ve money center banks sold over $164 billion in FDIC-guaranteed debt by April, 2009, the implicit FDIC subsidy to these ve banks was between $2 and $3 billion per year. To illustrate more concretely the size of the subsidy provided by the FDIC, compare the offering of Citigroup s bonds with and without an FDIC as of May 26, 2009. Of course, the two bond offerings are not exactly comparable because their maturities differ by less than two months. Nevertheless, the 4.75 percent difference in spreads over U.S. Treasuries (5.15 percent 0.40 percent = 4.75 percent) between the two bond offerings demonstrates the enormous value of the FDIC guarantee for a troubled bank like Citigroup.
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Watch Out!
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Basic controls (which come with mod_access) allow some restrictions based on the IP address or domain name included in the request. The controls allow you to specify that:
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It s like building a building and then inspecting the plans for code violations, says Jim Wilde. Right, Sebastian adds. And then tearing half of it down, building it up again, and wondering why the place can t open for business sooner. Don t forget, Dale adds. We ve also got consultants in and around the whole mix. And they have their agendas as well.
This script looks pretty straightforward as a loop displays a MsgBox ten times and the function ExpandText returns spaced-out text. Once you run this script, it will show the dialog box only once, though. Why Your function accidentally uses a global variable. The loop variable x is used in the main script as well as inside the function. So whenever the script calls ExpandText, it will set x to the maximum length of your text: 12. 12 is larger than the condition, so the loop will exit right away. The text is displayed only once, and then the puzzle is solved. Exchange x with y inside the function, and everything will work as intended. However, this little experiment shows how dangerous an accidental doubleuse of variables really is. If you tried to display text of less than ten characters, for example, x would always be set to less than 10, thus the would never exit you would end up with a runaway script.
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