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The following de nitions of engineering and the engineering of systems are adopted here: Engineering: discipline for transforming scienti c concepts into cost-effective products through the use of analysis and judgment. Engineering of a System: engineering discipline that develops, matches, and trades off requirements, functions, and alternate system resources to achieve a cost-effective, life-cycle-balanced product based upon the needs of the stakeholders. Figure 1.3 shows the design and integration process as a Vee with the emphasis of this model of the engineering process for a system being on the activities that the engineers perform. The left or decomposition side of the Vee
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Find the highest % similarity score
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Financial Analysis
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The No-Input-Timeout timer is used to detect the scenario where a recognition is started but the user does not start speaking or enter DTMF within a given time period. If the No-Input-Timeout timer expires before input is detected, the RECOGNITION-COMPLETE event is generated with a Completion-Cause value of 002 no-input-timeout.The usual course of action for the speech application is to prompt the user that the system did not hear anything and restart the recognition. The No-Input-Timeout header field may be specified on a per-RECOGNIZE request basis or set for the session via the SET-PARAMS request. The units for the No-Input-Timeout header field value are in milliseconds. The value can range from 0 to an implementation specific maximum and there is no default value specified. Example: No-Input-Timeout: 3000
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Figure 5.34 Downlink interference from adjacent satellite systems
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Job Distribution Subtree
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The first thing he suggested was looking at the password list (PWL) file. (This file, used under Windows 95, 98, and ME, contains sensitive information such as dial-up and network passwords. For example, if you use dial-up networking under Windows, all the authentication details, including the dial-up number, username, and password, are likely stored in a PWL file.) Before downloading the file, they had to turn off the antivirus software so it wouldn t detect the tools they were using. Then they tried using the document-transfer capability in PC Anywhere to transfer the PWL file from the driver s machine to themselves. It didn t work. We weren t sure why, but didn t have time to sit around and discuss it. We had to get the PWL information off that machine immediately, while the driver was still on line. What else could they do One possibility: upload a cracking tool, crack the PWL file on the driver s machine and extract the information into a text file, and then send the text file to themselves. They tried to login into an FTP server to download the PWL craking tool. But they realized a difficulty: The keyboard mappings on the driver s machine were for the foreign language, which would explain the problems they were having trying to authenticate. We kept getting a Login Incorrect message because of the foreign keyboard mappings. The clock was ticking. We thought our time was going to be up. This guy s sitting in a security van, he might be transporting a lot of money, or maybe prisoners. He s wondering to himself, What the heck is going on here I m afraid he s going to pull the plug before we get what we want. Here they were, facing a hugely pressured time crunch, and none of the guys in the room had an answer for the foreign-keyboard problem. Maybe as a workaround they could enter the username and password in ASCII code instead of actual letters and numbers. But nobody knew offhand how to enter characters using the equivalent ASCII code. So, what does anyone do in today s world when they need an answer in a hurry That s what Louis and Brock did: We opted to jump on to the Internet and do some research to find a way of entering letters without using the letters on the keyboard. In short order, they had their answer: Activate the Num Lock key, then hold down the <Alt> key and type the number of the ASCII character on the numeric keypad. The rest was easy:
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Part VII Disaster Recovery
Case Study 3 Weighted-Average Cost Method Facts Vigilant LLC, a newly incorporated company, uses the latest version of a software package (EXODUS) to cost and value its inventory. The software uses the weighted-average cost method to value inventory. The following are the purchases and sales made by Vigilant LLC during 2006 (as a newly set up company, Vigilant LLC has no beginning inventory):
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