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(Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) Author(s): Carl Franklin ISBN: 0471314986 Publication Date: 02/01/99
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he lived in New York. Since retiring to Florida, he has even more opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities. While I have always been committed to exercise, I did not pay much attention to what I was eating until I joined Weight Watchers. I am a longtime walker, a couple of miles per day.That comes from when I was living and working in New York City. I always enjoyed walking but gured out that it wasn t enough because I gained weight. I thought I could lose weight by using a rowing machine, so I bought one. It was boring, even
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The voltage level of a CPU chip is an important concept that is often overlooked. The more voltage a CPU uses, the hotter it gets. In pre-486 days, 5 volt CPUs were the normal power rating. In order to keep heat and power consumption down in future processors, designers began to use 3.3 volts. In the most modern CPU architectures, a dual-voltage system has been implemented. Using a voltage regulator, the external CPU voltage is still at 3.3 volts to remain compatible with the motherboard and other components. Internally, the CPU uses less than 3 volts, with various manufacturers using anywhere from 2.0 volts or less to 2.9 volts.
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Brief Full Advanced Search Search Tips
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If there is a single drawback to investing in mutual funds, it s the corrosive effect that fees and taxes have on returns. If you aren t careful, management expenses and capital gains taxes can shave hundreds if not thousands of dollars from your returns over the years.
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Disk drives have become increasingly more reliable, but they still can fail, and you need to be prepared to face that challenge. Disk mirroring, duplexing and RAID are the most common methods of disk fault tolerance. If you have not implemented RAID on your servers, you should. Redundant disk drives enable the system to keep operating if one drive fails. These systems work well, and are relatively inexpensive compared to the time it would take to get a new server up and running if the hard disk failed.
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Configuring the SCSI bus can be somewhat complex, involving items such as the host adapter settings, bus settings, and SCSI ID s. Each of these items is essential in installing and configuring the SCSI bus system.
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A trip to the library can reveal all sorts of fascinating items. A publication called Prosecutor s Brief, described as the newsjournal of the California District Attorneys Association had some rather shocking advice in its Summer, 1989, edition. (Too bad we didn t catch this one sooner.) In the lead story, author Jerry P Coleman proclaims, Prosecutions of phone hack. ers are not overly complicated, may be even fun, and can certainly assist your office s strained budget by providing a ready source of computer hardware. According to California Penal Code section 502.7(g), An instrument, apparatus, device, plans, instructions or written publication... may be seized under warrant or incident to a lawful arrest, and, upon the conviction of a person for a violation of subdivision (a), (b), or (c), the instrument [etc.] may be... turned over to the person providing telephone or telegraph service in the territory in which the same was seized. But, according to the article, most of these companies will donate the equipment right back to law enforcement. What a cozy arrangement. Concerning monitoring, some of the revelations are pretty scary. It seems that pen registers operated by Pacific Bell double as partial wiretaps, and it s perfectly legal for them to record conversations without a warrant if it s part of a phone company investigation! The article states, In the case of Pacific Bell, but not necessarily all other companies, the first 90 to 120 seconds of each call made from the trapped line is taped for the purpose of identifying the person(s) using the illegally hacked codes. The article goes on to describe the ideal scenario: If you are fortunate enough to receive the case before the search warrant has alerted the hacker to the investigation, your most important decision may well be the length of time the DNR stays on the targeted line. Weighing in favor of greater DNR time are the desires for obtaining at least a $400 felony loss, and identifying with certainty the hacker. Those considerations must be balanced against the risk that the DNR and its attendant call content taping will be suppressed as being an unreasonable privacy infringement, and the moral consideration of continued losses to the common carrier. The recorded salutations on the tape are considered a key bit of evidence since they identify the defendant. In addition, any notebooks containing handwritten authorization codes, phone numbers called, etc., can be compared to the known handwriting of the defendant (from booking slip and/or court-ordered exemplars). Don t
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Following are some guidelines for training: Raise awareness that social engineers will almost certainly attack their company at some point, perhaps repeatedly.
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