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VSAT Networks, 2nd Edition. G. Maral 2003 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd ISBN: 0-470-86684-5
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manager, and thus would fail to meet the criterion of financially independent. Despite the inability of most SAP projects to fully satisfy independent verification and validation per IEEE standards, the concept of independent testing needs to be introduced to SAP projects whereby a system integrator is paid to implement SAP and thus reduce the notion of a conflict of interest between the system integrator and the client requesting SAP services. A conflict of interest arises when a system integrator is paid to deliver SAP services and also placed in a position of finding defects for its delivered SAP design and functionality, which could hamper the system integrator s ability to meet deadlines and collect incentive bonuses from the client. The trend and pattern for implementing or upgrading SAP is that that the company seeking to implement SAP will spend millions of dollars for an implementation partner to analyze, design, construct, test, implement, deploy the solution, and provide end-user training. While this approach and model for implementing SAP has been emulated at thousands of SAP projects, it raises the question of independence. In other words, how does the client company know that the implementation partner has properly tested the solution Is it possible that the implementation partner has a conflict of interest in getting the SAP solution to be deployed as quickly as possible to meet project deadlines and bonuses that causes testing activities related to test case design, test case execution, and test defect reporting to take a backseat Even if the implementation partner does not have ulterior motives for improperly testing the system and verifying the testable requirements, can one reasonably assume that the implementation partner does not have a robust testing methodology, knowledge of automated test tools, and the available resources or expert resources to test and verify all captured requirements After pondering all these questions and considering compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Section 404, and agencies such as the FDA, FERC, and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), one reaches the inevitable conclusion that having the company that designs and installs the system also test the system is the equivalent of putting the fox in the chicken coop. To mitigate the risk of having an implementation partner that does not verify all requirements or has a conflict of interest, the following recommendations are made:
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Record keeping is critical for most firms, particularly medical practices, law offices, architects and other document-dependent services. Record keeping is typically a subset of administrative duties. In many cases, record keeping can be mandated by the law. A good filing system is critical. Storage and retrieval of files should be a core competency of the administrative staff. The office manager is responsible for ensuring an efficient system. Today many firms are going paperless which consists of scanning paper documents, particularly original signed documents, and storing them on a computer system for easy indexing, search, and retrieval. Today s office manager should be well aware of these systems and be able to implement one with outside help if requested. A variety of cost-effective, feature-filled systems such as Microsoft SharePoint are available and can be economical even for the small office.
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30 20 Payoff (dollars) 10 0 10 20 30 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Terminal stock price (Strike price = $70) 90 100
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The power of work psychology is that it can re ect back the preoccupations of employers and managers in systematic, formal, apparently scienti c discourses which are tied to developments in the practice of workplace regulation . . . They are always based on that same problematic: enhancing workplace regulation; and by re ecting back this problematic as scienti c, work psychology increases the legitimacy of management practices and their justi cation in the workplace.
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Sparse Matrix [NAS97]:
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Anyone Interested in a Bank Account in Switzerland
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Cognitive Problems Related to Substance Abuse
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This arrangement may be in a state of ux, however, in view of the emerging initiatives to formalize and augment by IT the process by involving pharmaceutical consortia with the FDA. That matter has received some ongoing Internet research.
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Conclusion: Reporters Are People, Too
Another strategy to guarantee delivery was proposed in Stojmenovic (2004), and is based on the concept of entrance points. An entrance point (also called external border node in the previous subsection) is a node that is located outside the target region but has at least one of its neighbors inside it. The strategy consists in reducing the geocasting problem to the problem of reaching every
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