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However, SUMO is an attractive alternative both as a fully open KB and ontology, and as the working paper of an IEEE-sponsored open-source standards effort. Users of SUMO, say the developers, can be more con dent that it will eventually be embraced by a large class of users, even though the proprietary Cyc might initially appear attractive as the de facto industry standard. Also, SUMO was constructed with reference to very pragmatic principles, and any distinctions of strictly philosophical interest were removed, resulting in a KB that should be simpler to use than Cyc.
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Network topologies
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If someone asks whether this is a safe neighborhood, direct them to police reports or neighbors, but don t give a false impression. You don t want to be held liable if you say it s safe and something happens.
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Family-Model Psychoeducation
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2.5. Overview of Broadcasting Techniques
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A useful feature of new network cards and motherboards is the ability to turn on a computer remotely. Wake-on-LAN technology enables a computer to be powered on remotely by sending a special wake-up packet to the network card. The NIC card is connected to a special connector on the motherboard, which receives this signal and turns the computer on. This would rarely be used on a server, as a server should be on all the time, but if you are pushing software upgrades from a server to its client computers, such as virus signature updates, you don t have to be on-site, because the server can turn on the client computers as needed. The wake-on-LAN service starts the client PC s, performs the update, and shuts them down again. See Figure 16-1 for an example of how Wake-on-LAN works.
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Results logs include date and time stamp
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Public trust has shaken in the institutions on which this value creation depends. These institutions share a collective responsibility for producing the information on which people of many levels investors, lenders, trading partners, customers, employees depend to make a wide range of economic decisions. The challenge now is to institute the necessary reforms to ensure that public trust does not disappear, and the foundation for those reforms lies in corporate reporting.9
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This may look like a bunch of gobbledygook at first glance. However, it is very revealing about how peering works. You can see that the first stop is a terminal server in wcom.net (formerly compuserve.net), probably located in Columbus, Ohio. The connection bounces from there to an ethernet port, to an ATM router, and over a high-speed link to another ATM router in Chicago. Once in Chicago, it proceeds to the peering point (at Ameritech NAP), is handed off to IBM.NET, hits a router that isn t identified (probably somewhere in the Washington, DC area), and finally ends up at www.fbi.gov. Bear in mind
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link control (DLC) layer above PHY treats groups of bits as a frame sent by the peer DLC of the sending station. Thus, through this understanding (logical connection) between peer DLCs, data can be exchanged between two applications or network (NET) layers above the DLCs across a single link. These data, delivered to the next receiving NET, may need to be forwarded to another NET before it can reach the destination application. The NETs use switching and routing mechanisms to push data all the way through the network, until they reach the destination host machine NET. At this time, the data are delivered to a transport protocol (TP) layer, which may make sure that all protocol data units (PDUs) or packets arrived in-sequence and without errors. A number of such packets could form a communication session to be managed by the peer session layer duo above peer TPs. The session layer, concerning itself only with groups of bits as session layer packets, may not be able to make sure that the codes, languages, syntax, etc. used by the communicating applications are well coordinated. This coordination is left to the presentation layer, which delivers a data format to the application layer in an understandable (and perhaps decrypted and decompressed) form. The application (APP) layer makes the data available to the user through the applications program. The role of each layer is complemented in the opposite direction. The OSI communications paradigm provides a framework on which we can discuss and compare various networks. We will use this layered structure in this chapter to brie y look at the protocol functions provided by various wireless data networks.
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