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The Complete Guide to Flipping Properties
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Clear channel assessment
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10 / Segment Reporting (IAS 14) This information is relevant to the production of the segmental information:
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overtraining syndrome but there are also important differences, in particular the absence of skeletal muscle damage (Urhausen & Kindermann 2002). Our experience is that while these diagnostic criteria may be appropriate for the general population, very few fatigued athletes ful ll the above criteria. The clinical picture of the chronic fatigue syndrome is also one that can mimic diseases of insidious onset including cancer, tuberculosis, depression, and AIDS. It is always a concern that when making the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, serious but potentially curable diseases are not overlooked. Acquired training intolerance Derman et al. (1997) described a group of athletes presenting with exercise-associated fatigue and intolerance to exercise that was accompanied by abnormalities within their skeletal muscles. Historically, this condition has been called fatigued athlete myopathic syndrome (FAMS) and, more recently, acquired training intolerance (ATI) (Grobler et al. 2004), because it was agreed that the athletes did not necessarily share a common myopathy or set of myopathies but rather an intolerance to exercise. The athletes with ATI have in common a history of a high training volume and a current inability to tolerate former levels of endurance exercise. They experience a sudden and unexplained decline in performance, often associated with a reduced training volume, both of which are more severe than the decrease that would be expected to accompany the aging process. Medical examination reveals that these athletes are free from physiological fatigue conditions, such as training, diet, travel, or pregnancy-induced fatigue and pathological fatigue conditions, including those listed in Table 5.3. In most cases, the athletes with ATI report general skeletal muscle symptoms including excessive DOMS, muscle stiffness, tenderness, and skeletal muscle cramps. Furthermore, these individuals have usually consulted many physicians, and do not respond to long periods of rest, nutritional or psychological support (Derman et al. 1997; Grobler et al. 2004).
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Introduction Remember Type Variables More Analogies How Do We Make an Object Properties Collections Epilogue
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These extension elements give you the capability to create several files from the same transformation. The document() function also gives you the capability to access different XML files for use as the basis of a transformation. These two facilities combined mean that rather than performing batch transformations using several command lines, you can instead use one command to process a number of files to generate different results. For example, my Web site is based on numerous XML files, but you can use a single transformation to generate the HTML from all of them:
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The best method of protection is complete destruction of data. Some people hook up their computers so that if the wrong door is opened or a button isn t pressed, a magnet activates and wipes the disk clean. Bookies like to do this with their Apples. Similar systems can be rigged so that if a computer is unplugged, the first thing it does upon revival is a purge (not a directory purge, which comes with simply deleting file names a complete reformatting of the disk, which erases all data). This means, though, that every power failure will have the same effect. It will take some time to make a good system of protection, but this is probably the most constructive project that BBS operators can engage in. It doesn t matter if you have nothing to hide. The fact is you have everything to protect from intruding eyes. Because when they seize equipment they read everything without concern that the Sysop may be the caretaker of people s personal messages and writings. We d like to hear other methods of outsmarting these goons. It s not very hard. For instance, you could have a bulletin board dial-in at one location, which will then callforward to the real location, or still another dummy location. Each of these requires another phone line, but you ll get plenty of warning, especially if a dummy computer is set up at one of the locations. And this is only the beginning. We don t enjoy having to suggest these courses of action. We d like very much to be able to get on with what we re supposed to be doing: discussing telecommunications and computers in our own way. Instead we have to pause again to defend our right to say these things. It s a necessary course of action and, if we hold our heads up, it will be a successful one.
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School of Management, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia and
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