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Lessons on Raising Money: First-Time Borrowers
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By placing service orientation alongside the other major shifts in information technology (IT) (see Exhibit 1.33), the signi cance of its impact is made even clearer.
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void FAR PASCAL UserSignalProc( HMODULE hModule, // Module under consideration. WORD actionCode, // See actionCode values, below. WORD unknown, HISNTANCE hInstance, WORD hQueue); actionCode values: 0x0040 DLL Load 0x0080 DLL Unload 0x0100 (task exit )
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290 Planning and Forecasting INTER NET LINKS Business Plan Sites
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Assumptions for Investor B:
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17: Enhancing XSLT
Changing Grades
This chapter examines a number of Semantic Web application areas where some aspect of the technology is deployed and usable today. Application Examples is a largely random sampler of small and large deployments that in some way relate to SW technologies.
Hiring a Contractor 1. Make sure they are licensed, bonded, and employ union labor, if it s necessary. 2. Check their references. 3. Check their availability and number of employees available to do your job. 4. Check with the local business bureau or local municipal office where complaints may be lodged. 5. Try to inspect their place of business. If it s sloppy, their work will probably be sloppy also and probably take more time. 6. If at all possible, negotiate a fixed price contract.
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