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Leynaert, B., Bousquet, J., Neukirch, C. et al. (1999) Perennial rhinitis: An independent risk factor for asthma in non-atopic subjects: Report from the European Community Respiratory Health Survey. J Allergy & Clin Immunol 104, 301 304. Poynter, M.E., Persinger, R.L., Irvin, C.G., et al. (2006) Nitrogen dioxide enhances allergic airway in ammation and hyperresponsiveness in the mouse. American Journal of Physiology. Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology 290, L144 152. Proctor, N.H., Hughes, J.P. & Wesenberg, G.J. (1978) Chlorine. In: Chemical Hazards of the Workplace. (Proctor, N.H. & Hughes, J.P., eds.) JB Lippincott, Philadelphia: 157 158. Ventura, M.T., Dagnello, M., Matino, M.G. et al. (2001) Contact dermatitis in students practicing sports: incidence of rubber sensitization. Br J Sports Med 35, 100 102. Weiler, J.M., Layton, T. & Hunt, M. (1998) Asthma in United States Olympic athletes who participated in the 1996 Summer Games. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 102, 722 726. Widdicombe, J.G. (1996) Neuroregulation in the nose and bronchi. Clinical and Experimental Allergy 26 (Suppl 3), 32 35. Zwick, H., Popp, W., Budik G. et al. (1990) Increased sensitisation to aeroallergens in competitive swimmers. Lung 168, 111 115.
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Results from impact analysis (i.e., include description for affected processes, areas). Level of effort hours needed to resolve defect. Originator s name. Description including observed output (i.e., messages, system responses, test results, dumps, etc.). Screen captures. Category. Priority. Corresponding test case. Affected SAP area or module. Workarounds (if any). Release notes (if any).
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As Curtis C. Verschoor and Joseph P. Liotta conclude:
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Hacker Communications and Bulletin Boards
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So What Now
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cfSockClient. See cfSockClient cfWinsock objects, 211 216 cfWinsockDS, 211 215 cfWinsockMS, 211, 214 215 Control property of, 215 216 CGI (Common Gateway Interface) alternatives to, 246 247 application speed and, 232 233 background, 188 189 CGI4VB, 231 247 See also ASP (Active Server Pages) CGI_Main subroutine, 239, 241 245 CGI4VB, 231 247 background, 231 232 CGI_Main subroutine, 239, 241 245 CGI4VB.BAS module, 239 241 HTML data, receiving, 241 245 HTML data, sending, 245 246 Inter_Main subroutine, 239 characters encoding HTTP, 191 end-of-line, 33 CICA shareware library, 139 class modules, 205 classes, object, 202 Close dsSocket method, 27 code debugging tools, FTP, 155 157 Coke machine application, 57 collections, object, 207 209 COM objects, 260 261 command line debugging options, 46 command line syntax FTP protocol, 148, 153 HTTP protocol, 182 NNTP protocol, 66 68, 332 POP3 protocol, 114, 117 SMTP protocol, 95, 96, 98 Command mode, POP3, 226 227 Command$ function, 46 Command1_Click command, 38
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