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Disk mirroring is a very effective method for data redundancy, but it comes at a higher cost because you must have enough disk storage for two complete sets of data. In terms of performance, disk reads are much faster with disk mirroring, because you can read the same data from different drives in parallel. On the other hand, this decreases the speed of disk writes, because the data has to be written twice. To enhance the fault tolerance of disk mirroring, you can also implement what is known as disk duplexing. In a mirrored only system, there is still a point of complete failure at the disk controller level. If the controller fails, the whole system will fail. To prevent this, and add additional protection, a second disk controller is used for the secondary drive, as shown in Figure 4-3. For the slight additional cost, RAID 1 duplexing is preferred over simple disk mirroring.
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1.8.7. Fixed Wireless Systems There are several types of xed wireless systems (not mobile). Wireless local loops and broadband Internet access systems are of most interest to us. These systems, also referred to as last-mile technologies, are generally allocated spectra that have short ranges and are for line-of-site communications. Several
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One of the primary features of AppleTalk is that a node can dynamically assign its own network-layer address. This minimizes the amount of configuration required on AppleTalk internetworks. On a Cisco router, if you do not supply the network.node parameter with the appletalk cable-range command, the router dynamically selects a network and node combination using a network number from the cable range and a node ID between 1 and 253. On end nodes, no configuration is necessary. An end node automatically selects a network and node combination, and then verifies with a router that the network number is valid. The end node also uses AARP to ensure that the network-layer address is unique.
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If you hire a designer or builder who has name recognition with potential buyers or tenants, or who has built well-known buildings they would be familiar with, use that information as part of your marketing message for the property. Play up the prestige of the architect, interior designer, contractor, landscape architect, or other professional. This is one way you can recoup the extra money you spent hiring a big name professional. If you hire a designer who is well known, or who has worked on fine buildings that your buyers are familiar with, this is powerful sizzle and will definitely get your customers attention. For example, Trump used Costas Kondylis as his architect for the Trump World Tower, because Kondylis had earned a great deal of recognition and prestige for his design of high-priced condominium units. All of the literature relating to the Trump National Golf Club in Palm Beach recites that it is a Jim Fazio course, a name well-known and respected in golf course design. All of the literature relating to the Grand Hyatt Hotel boasted that Der Scutt, a name synonymous with creativity, was the architect redesigning the old Commodore Hotel building.
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pArena->checksum = ChecksumHeapBlock(pArena, 3); x_hpReleaseSem( hHeap, dwFlags ); return pArena+0x10;
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Typical tank platform for truss span up to 6 m and for a 230 litre nominal tank. For a 300 litre tank the load should be spread over four trussed rafters. B
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