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5.3 Unlike equity-settled transactions, any reduction in the value of the award is recognized immediately, even if the award is not exercised. The payment of a cash-settled share-based transaction can occur after the services are rendered. 6. TRANSACTIONS THAT CAN BE SETTLED FOR SHARES OR CASH 6.1 Some share-based payment transactions allow the entity or the employee the choice as to whether to settle the transaction in cash or by issuing equity instruments. An employee may have the right to choose between a payment equal to the market price of the shares or be given shares subject to certain conditions for example, not being able to sell them for a period of time. The accounting for this type of instrument depends on which party has the choice of settlement method and the extent to which the entity has incurred a liability. 6.2 If the employee has the right to choose the settlement method, the entity is deemed to have issued a compound financial instrument (i.e., it has issued an instrument with a debt element the cash component and an equity element where the employee has the right to receive equity instruments). 6.3 If the fair value of the goods or services received can be measured directly and easily, the equity element is determined by taking the fair value of the goods or services less the fair value of the debt element of this instrument. The debt element is essentially the cash payment that will occur. If the fair value of the goods or services is measured by reference to the fair value of the equity instruments given, the whole of the compound instrument should be fair valued. The equity element becomes the difference between the fair value of the equity instruments granted less the fair value of the debt component.
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family psychoeducation group model has been hindered by a paucity of programmatic leadership supporting implementation, conflicts between the model s philosophy and typical agency practices, insufficient resources supporting practice change, and inadequate attention to human dynamics on a systems level (Dixon, McFarlane, Hornby, & McNary, 1999; McFarlane et al., 1993). For example, reasonable concerns about confidentiality issues may be seen as roadblocks to family involvement rather than as opportunities to create useful innovations that respect everyone s right to privacy (Boise, Heagery, & Eskenazi, 1996). Mental health professionals have also expressed concern about the cost and length of structured family psychoeducation programs (Dixon, Lyles, et al., 1999), although medication and case management services for clients usually have to be continued for much longer periods. Caseloads are universally very high, and staff time is stretched thin. Therefore, devoting substantial staff resources to training, organizing, leading, and sustaining family psychoeducation is seen as a luxury by most administrators and clinicians (WSF, 1998). In such an atmosphere, horizons tend to be short, and immediate organizational crises or short-term goals tend to overshadow the long-term investment and payoffs of family psychoeducation, such as reduced crises, hospitalizations, and total treatment costs.
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Though he had confessed to accepting money from a foreign terrorist, which could have brought a charge of espionage and the possibility of a very long sentence, no charges were ever filed deepening the mystery. Perhaps the government just wanted word to spread in the hacker community that doing business with foreign agents could be risky. Perhaps the check wasn t from Khalid after all, but from the FBI. Few people know Chameleon s true identity, and he very much wants to keep it that way. We wanted to get his version of the story. He refused to talk about the matter (merely giving himself an out by mentioning he thought Khalid was a Fed just posing as a terrorist). If I were in his position, I probably wouldn t want to be interviewed on the subject either.
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12.4.5 Petri Nets Petri nets (PNs) are based on a rigorous mathematical de nition leading to an executable simulation model and having formal mathematical properties. Petri
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or, equivalently, the cosine signal is equal to the sine signal shifted to the left by p/2, that is, sc (t) A cos (v0 t f) A sin (v0 t f p=2)
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