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When someone else imports this header.xsl stylesheet, they can use whatever prefix they prefer as long as they use the same namespace URI. For example, if the local rail company wants to include their bank information in their annual report, they may already have a header mode and possibly a prefix that's the same as the one you've used (they shorten 'station management' to stmt, the prefix you've used in this stylesheet). However, this doesn't matter. They can import the stylesheet knowing that there can't be any conflicts because you've used a unique namespace, and they can use whatever prefix they prefer for this namespace, without even knowing what prefix you used in your stylesheet.
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One common representation for hierarchical information is a tree like representation in which each level is indented comparative to the previous level. For example, the following XML shows a section hierarchy for the first chapter of this book:
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The primary reason for paging is to provide a method for the operating system to collaborate with the CPU to fake programs into thinking that there's more memory available than is actually installed in the computer. When a program reads or writes a byte of memory, it may or may not be accessing a byte of physical RAM. If a program touches an address that doesn't map directly to a byte of physical RAM, the CPU informs the operating system of this event. The operating system in turn takes the steps necessary to associate physical memory to the address that the program attempted to use. If the total memory usage of all the running programs exceeds the amount of memory installed in the computer, the operating system may need to yank a block of RAM away from some other program that's using the memory. Blindly stealing memory out from underneath a program that's using it is a recipe for disaster, so Windows 95 arranges for the original contents of RAM to be saved elsewhere before reassigning the block of RAM. The "elsewhere" in this case is the computer's hard drive. At any given time, all memory in use by the operating system and running programs is stored either in RAM or on a hard drive. (This is a bit of simplification, but it will suffice for now.)
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Aesthetic Checks for Communication Diagrams 1. If an object is overloaded, ensure that its work is distributed among other objects by introducing a new object and its corresponding class.
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Servicing the Client: Call Centers Move Global
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DWORD HandleDebugEvent( DEBUG_EVENT * event ) { DWORD continueStatus = DBG_CONTINUE; // char buffer[1024]; / / wsprintf(buffer, "Event' %s\r\n", / / SzDebugEventTypes[event->dwDebugEventCode]); // OutputDebugString(buffer);
Krn32Mutex );
Financial statement. List your assets, liabilities, and net worth. Site location. Include a list of benefits, maps, and proximity to shopping and schools. Demographics. Present information about the people living in the area (income, education, etc.).
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