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Server+ Certification Bible
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Identify sprinkler locations
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and call h( p) the binary entropy function. Its graph is shown in Figure 5.2 and in particular we notice that h(0.50) 1 and h(0.11) h(0.89) 0.50. Next we shall introduce conditional uncertainty and show the intuitively pleasing result that conditioning can never increase uncertainty. The conditional uncertainty (or conditional entropy) of the discrete random variable X with L outcomes given the discrete random variable Y with M outcomes is the quantity H X j Y
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player in whom HIV seroconversion was documented weeks after a traumatic incident during a soccer match. During the soccer match the player collided with another player who was later documented as being HIV seropositive. Both players sustained open bleeding wounds at the eyebrows resulting in possible mixing of blood. There was no indication that the player may have been infected through any other route of HIV transmission. The authors concluded that this was the rst case of HIV transmission that occurred directly as a result of sports participation. Although this case report has been criticized on epidemiologic grounds, it nevertheless has clear implications for the risk of HIV transmission during sports participation. In particular, those sports people who participate in contact sports such as boxing, wrestling, rugby, and soccer are potentially at risk. It must be emphasized that to date no cases of HIV transmission have been recorded in either the sporting or the non-sporting population through contact with saliva, social contact, or sharing facilities such as living space, toilets, bathrooms, eating and cooking facilities. It must also be borne in mind that the risk of HIV infection in sports people is the same as that in the general population if there is a history of engaging in well-established high risk behaviors for HIV transmission. Although there is documentation of only a single possible case of HIV disease as a result of sports participation in contact sports, there is a need to establish clear guidelines for the prevention of HIV transmission during sports participation. As early as 1989, the International Sports Medicine Federation (FIMS), together with the World Health Organization (WHO), published guidelines for the prevention of HIV transmission during contact sport (WHO position statement 1989). Subsequently, other organizations such as the Australian Sports Medicine Federation, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the NFL in the USA have published similar guidelines. The question that is foremost in the minds of sports administrators and participants is: what is the risk of HIV transmission in sport In answer to this, there are no epidemiologic data available to date to calculate the risk of HIV transmission during
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The amount of unrealized holding losses previously recognized directly in equity The difference between the previous carrying amount and the new carrying amount
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confusion, apathy, or clumsiness should undergo rewarming with transfer to a emergency room facility if indicated (Halpern et al. 2001).
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When Julius Caesar wrote to Cicero and other friends in Rome more than 2000 years ago he used a very simple substitution cipher in which the cipher alphabet is a cyclic shift of the plaintext alphabet. In a general substitution cipher each plaintext letter is replaced by a ciphertext letter according to a speci ed mapping; the ciphertext
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Audit Committees: Basic Roles and Responsibilities
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Accounting and Budgeting
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