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8.2 ROYAL DUTCH SHELL plc, Annual Report
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1. False; 2. True; 3. True; 4. True; 5. True; 6. False; 7. True
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them into an unneeded register to remove them from the stack. The Borland C++ compiler is known for this particular code-generation sequence. For Win32, Microsoft has adopted the stdcall calling convention for almost all functions exported by the operating system DLLs. The stdcall convention is a hybrid of the C and Pascal conventions. The caller pushes the parameters from right to left, as in the C style. The callee function cleans the parameters off the stack like the Pascal style does. Incidentally, when you use a stdcall declared function with Microsoft's C++, the compiler internally adds on an "@xx" to the end of the function name. The xx is a string representing the number of bytes that the function expects as parameters, for instance, _GetWindowLong@8 or _PeekMessage@20. After you've figured out the calling convention of the function you're examining, you can determine where the parameters are on the stack. Knowing the offset of the parameter relative to the stack frame, you can look for the instructions that reference that memory location and then replace the assembly language address with a symbolic name. Having symbolic names around when staring at a disassembly listing is extremely helpful when figuring out what the code's intent is. After a function has executed its prologue code, the stack frame looks like the one shown here:
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Table 20.3 Risk factors for inadequate carbohydrate intake by athletes. Causes of inadequate intake of carbohydrate by athletes 1 High training volume, or sudden increase in training volume or intensity, unaccompanied by adequate dietary changes 2 Inadequate energy intake The inadequate energy intake reduces the budget available for intake of carbohydrate-rich foods. In addition, it impairs post-exercise refuelling by reducing the dietary substrates available for storage 3 Inadequate intake of carbohydrate-rich foods Food cultures or food environments where carbohydrate-rich foods are not plentiful Diets promoting avoidance or reduced intake of carbohydrate Diets promoting avoidance or reduced intake of key carbohydrate-rich foods Reliance on bulky high- ber foods that limit total dietary intake Poor nutrition knowledge Athletes at risk of inadequate carbohydrate intake
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For the Project:
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The Save-Waveform header field takes a Boolean value to indicate to the recogniser whether or not to save the recognised audio (without endpointing). If set to true, the captured audio is indicated via the Waveform-URI header field in the RECOGNITION-COMPLETE event message (thereby allowing the MRCP client to retrieve the audio). The format for the captured audio is specified by the Media-Type header field (see Section 13.2.25). This feature is useful for several purposes. For example, if the recogniser fails to match the utterance, the recorded audio can be archived and manually inspected by a human operator to determine if the grammar should be expanded. The recorded audio may also be submitted to a subsequent recognition by specifying a RECOGNIZE with the Input-Waveform-URI header field (see Section 13.5.24). The Save-Waveform header field may be specified on a per-RECOGNIZE request basis or set for the session via the SET-PARAMS request. The default value is false. Example: Save-Waveform: true
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Antenna noise temperature (K)
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