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The 0x20 qualifier is the most significant qualifier to see in a protocol analyzer trace file. The 0x20 qualifier is used for a Server Service. When a machine (either a peer-to-peer client or a file server) shares files, it announces itself with the 0x20 qualifier. Any machine acting as any kind of server (print, fax, modem, and so on) announces the service with a name qualified by 0x20. It's significant to notice that 0x20 is the ASCII code for a space character. If you examine a NetBIOS Server Service name in the hexadecimal/ASCII view provided by a protocol analyzer, you will notice that the character corresponding to the Qualifier Byte is a space. As an example, assume that a user named Bob has logged into his Windows desktop and is sharing files on the network. Bob's machine has been assigned the name NOTEBOOKPC in the Network Control panel. The NetBIOS name for the machine is NOTEBOOKPC 0x00. (The 0x00 Qualifier Byte is used for machine names.) However, it's not the "machine" that is sharing or accessing files. You may observe the same computer using the name BOB 0x20 (where 0x20 is the 16-byte Qualifier Byte), indicating that this is Bob's computer acting as a file server. On the other hand, if Bob accesses files on Sally's machine, then BOB 0x03 accesses SALLY 0x20. (Bob, as a user, accesses Sally's machine, which is acting as a file server.)
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Financial decision-makers confront change on a daily basis. The integration of financial markets, the impact of technology, the entry of new competitors, the introduction of new and more complex financial products all of these have made investing a different business than it was just a few years ago. These innovations automatically bring with them changes in the kind of financial information needed. If the accounting profession is to fulfill its obligation to the public, it must not remain static. The AICPA has launched an effort to ensure that financial reporting moves with the times. Our Special Committee on Financial Reporting is looking at far-reaching ways to make financial reports more relevant to the realities of today s marketplace by anticipating the financial information needs of the 21st century. This is a wide-ranging and intensive effort. We are ruling out no possibilities as we examine what changes to the existing accounting model should be made to meet user needs in the short and long term. We expect the Special Committee to complete its work within a year. In the interim, we are taking more immediate steps to improve the utility of financial reports. In this fast-changing economic environment, investors can t afford to look only backwards. They need to anticipate. To serve this need, the AICPA s Accounting Standards Executive Committee, consistent with a recommendation by the POB [Public Oversight Board], has issued a proposal to require management to disclose risks and uncertainties that could significantly affect the company s operations or financial condition. We urge AcSEC [Accounting Standards Executive Committee] to complete its work with all deliberate speed. To provide further assurance to the investing public, we join the POB in calling for a statement by management, to be included in the annual report, on the effectiveness of the company s internal controls over financial reporting, accompanied by an auditor s report on management s assertions. An assessment by the independent auditor will provide greater assurance to investors as to management s statement. The internal control system is the main line of defense against fraudulent financial reporting. The investing public deserves an independent assessment of that line of defense, and management should benefit from the auditor s perspective and insights. We urge the SEC to establish this requirement.
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With the advent of EV-DO and WCDMA, the cellular technologies or the wireless WAN technologies that provide mobile wideband access (e.g., EV-DO speeds range
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Value for System Reliability
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Future versions of VoiceXML are expected to provide speaker verification and identification functions.
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Parents are role models. Most importantly, a parent s eating behavior and attitudes strongly affect a child s eating. Children watch and learn from their parents and mimic parental behaviors. Women who chronically follow highly restrictive diets have daughters who tend to do so as well. Both mothers and fathers who have high levels of food disinhibition have daughters with the same disinhibition. Parental role models affect a child s activity level as well. Children of parents who are physically active and encourage family activities are more likely to become physically active. By breaking through the myths of weight loss yourself, you have the opportunity to share your experience with your family. By achieving a lasting weight loss with a comprehensive program that includes eating in a style that demonstrates exible restraint, being physically active, and maintaining a positive mindset, you will create a home that supports a healthy weight for everyone who lives there. Just as your weight loss affects the people you live with, those you live with can have a big impact on weight-loss success. A supportive family is a tremendous boost to weight-loss efforts. In one study involving Mexican-American adults enrolled in a lifestyle-based weight-loss program, those who involved their families lost the most weight.
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