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20: Extending XPath Yourself Table 20 1: Conversions of XPath Object Types into Java XPath Object Java Type boolean boolean, java.lang.Boolean number double, java.lang.Double string java.lang.String node set java.lang.NodeList, java.lang.Node external object of the external type Note Because XSLT 1.1 eliminates result tree fragments, it doesn't define a conversion type from result tree fragments into Java. If you use argument types that are more specific than these, the XSLT processor will try to convert the relevant extension function argument into the type that you declare. Some of these conversions may raise errors (for example, trying to map a string argument that has several characters onto a java.lang.Character argument in the Java method). Writing function implementations The extension function implementations that you write have to be identifiable through the process just described. Once a processor finds a function, it runs with the relevant values as argument values. In Java, the extension function arguments are converted to the type indicated by the method arguments. In JavaScript, on the other hand, the function arguments are converted to the closest JavaScript value type: Boolean to Boolean, number to number, string to string, and node set to NodeList. Many functions that you implement in this way will stand alone, but some may require additional information about the context in which they are called. For example, many XPath functions use the context node as the default if no node set is passed as an argument. Others access information about the current node and the position of the context node in the context node list. This kind of information is made available to your function implementation using XSLTContext objects. The XSLTContext object holds the following information: contextNode the context node contextPosition the position of the context node in the context node list contextSize the number of nodes in the context node list currentNode the current node ownerDocument a document that can be used for generating new nodes It also has two utility methods: systemProperty(string namespaceURI, string localName) returns the system property for the expanded name indicated by the arguments stringValue(Node node) returns the string value of the node passed as an argument to it In JavaScript, the XSLTContext object is available as a top level object. In Java, you can access a context object if you have an XSLTContext object as the first argument to your method. For example, consider a method that would get the expanded name of a node in the format:
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