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To limit the amount of downtime you should ensure that your systems have a high rate of availability. You can do this by implementing hot swap, warm swap, and hot spare technologies.
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30 seconds as the candidate walks out the door) to answer any questions the candidate has. Have more than one person conduct the interviews. If possible, have at least two, but no more than three, persons interview the candidate. A one-on-one interview tends to produce more awkward silences, which can leave a bad taste in the mouth of both the interviewer and the candidate. Having two people in the interview can minimize this risk. Also, the perspective of two persons witnessing the same conversation reduces the chance that bias and /or favoritism will unfairly prejudice the interviewing process. Provide for some social interaction. It is a fact of life that not all work is done in the office and that employment decisions are made on criteria beyond compensation and job titles. For good or for ill, candidates want to know what the professionals in a firm are like outside the office. And, a firm certainly should have an idea of candidates ability to conduct themselves outside the interview process. For both firm and candidate, then, it is a good idea to have some type of social interaction, whether a lunch, dinner, happy hour, or any activity where both the members of the firm and the candidate can obtain an idea of what it would be like to work with each other and interact on a daily basis. However, the social setting should not be forced. Do not put candidates in the situation where they feel forced to drink alcohol or engage in other activities that make them feel uncomfortable not everyone wants to play on the firm s softball team. Require written evaluations from the interviewer. These evaluations should be completed immediately after the interview and should provide for some type of numbered scoring system by which candidates can be compared with one another. It is not likely that every candidate will be interviewed by the same persons, and it is also certain that different interviews will contain different conversations and foci. By requiring written evaluations and scoring, the decision makers can have points of comparison from several different people to review when hiring decisions are made.
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In many eyes the actual home of the Web, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C, see www.w3.org) is perhaps the rst place to go when researching Web development, in particular the design of languages, protocols, and descriptive models. It coordinates, recommends, and takes the initiative for many of the relevant efforts. The W3C was the rst context in which the Semantic Web concept was promoted. Historically, the Semantic Web is the successor to the W3C Metadata initiative to enhance the Web. Under W3C auspices, we nd numerous framework projects that in one way or another relate to the Semantic Web and associated technologies. Even when the cutting edge of development moves on to other projects and locations, the de ning discussions and documents remain. Needless to say, the W3C site has extensive collections of links to relevant resources elsewhere. The general prototyping policy of W3C has always been: Our approach is Live Early Adoption and Demonstration (LEAD) using these tools in our own work . Bit 7.1 Live early adoption leads to rapid development of useful tools
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Muscle overload muscle lengthens, sarcomeres pop Increase in passive tension Inflammatory response Prostaglandins Oedema
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Social Engineers How They Work and How to Stop Them
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Making sure to respond to your tenants calls for maintenance will not only keep your tenants happy but will also protect your investment.
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