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Almost all sports require a range of physical performance qualities. These include components of strength, power, speed, agility, endurance, cardiovascular tness, exibility, and body composition. While there are other qualities such as skill and psychologic state, our discussion in this chapter is con ned to these physical capacities. For any given sport, and in some case particular positions in team sports, the athlete will have an enhanced chance of success if their body composition, neuromuscular and cardiorespiratory systems are speci cally tuned for the tasks required. It is when the underlying machinery is correctly built and tuned that the skill, strategy, and psychologic
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AUTHOR: Dennis Buede PROJECT: Engineering Design of a System DATE: 05/24/99 REV: DATE CONTEXT:
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War Without Secrets
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WADA has established international standards for doping control, including an extensive prohibited list which is divided into the categories of drugs and methods shown in Table 17.1 (World Anti-Doping Agency 2006). While this is useful as a classi cation scheme and for drug testing, it has less utility for the clinician attempting to diagnose, treat, and prevent drug use in an athlete. Sports pharmacology classi es drugs according to their reason for use, rather than by their chemical structure, mechanism of action, or pharmacologic effects. For example, a traditional system would group all stimulant drugs together. In sports pharmacology, a drug is classi ed as ergogenic, recreational, or therapeutic depending on the main reason why the athlete has chosen to use it. Ergogenic drugs are de ned here as substances that are taken for the sole intention of increasing performance (e.g., a body builder taking anabolic steroids in order to increase muscle mass or a marathon runner transfusing a unit of blood just before a race). Although most ergogenic drugs have multiple uses, sports pharmacology classi es a drug according to the athlete s main reason for use. As an example, the 2005 NCAA Study asked anabolic steroid users their reasons for using AAS and the two leading responses were 51% for athletic performance enhancement and 16% to improve physical appearance (NCAA Study Staff 2006). Recreational drugs are the next category. Athletes are similar to their non-athlete peers in their reasons for using these drugs: to relieve stress, to escape, as a social drug, or as a stimulant or depressant. Being an athlete does not create immunity from the physical or psychologic effects of these drugs, including addiction. For example, the 2005 NCAA survey regarding marijuana asked for the reason for use (NCAA Study Staff 2006). A whopping 93% answered for recreational purposes or to feel good, with only 0.9% using it to improve athletic performance. The nal category is therapeutic drugs and these are taken to treat an underlying condition (e.g., type 1 diabetic athlete using insulin). Although some of these drugs are banned by sports organizations,
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Barriers to SOA s Promises
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