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ReadOnly USER
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The intangible assets are development costs that are allowed for tax purposes when the cost is incurred. The costs were incurred in 20X2. Included in trade and other payables is an accrual for compensation to be paid to employees. It is allowed for taxation when the payment is made and totals $200 million. (b) During 20X3, a building was revalued. At January 1, 20X4, there was $1500 million remaining in the revaluation reserve in respect of this building. (c) The following adjustments to the financial statements will have to be made to comply with IFRS 1, First-Time Adoption of IFRS, on January 1, 20X4: Intangible assets of $400 million do not qualify for recognition under IFRS 1. The financial assets are all classified as at fair value through profit or loss and their fair value is $6,500 million, which is to be included in the IFRS accounts. A pension liability of $50 million is to be recognized under IFRS 1 that was not recognized under local generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). The tax base of the liability is zero. (d) The entity is likely to be very profitable in the future. Required Calculate the deferred tax provision at January 1, 20X4, showing the amount of the adjustment required to the deferred tax provision and any amounts to be charged to revaluation reserve. (Assume a tax rate of 30%.)
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 Your company needs to lease space from a warehouse. This ware-
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This focus assumes that personal and family content on the Web is the information space most interesting yet hardest to navigate effectively. As with many projects, such visions are myopically xed on the screen-and-PC model of Web usage that is, browsing Web pages. But let us start there, nonetheless, as it seems to be what many people think of rst. It is patently true that billions of accessible Web pages already exist, and the numbers are increasing all the time. Even if Web browsing will never captivate more than a relative minority of these people (though large in absolute number), browsing functionality is of high importance for them. Yet browsing is much more than just visiting and reading Web pages. Even constrained to the arti cial constraint of seeing the PC screen as the sole interface to the Web, a rich eld of functionality and interaction already thrives.
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570 Making Key Strategic Decisions
7.1 An Overview of Information Networks
Because typical professional services firms engage a wide variety of vendor types and sizes, vendor managers should be sure to allocate their time and attention according to vendor importance. The most critical vendors or those who receive the largest fees should be the focus of any measurement program. The vendor manager should set spending or criticality thresholds in advance, to be approved by firm senior management, to determine which vendors will be closely managed.
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