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exceeds Category 5 specifications to handle the high frequency of the MLT-3 ternary signaling.
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Family preservation (FP) has its roots early in the twentieth century. One of the first places where the concept of FP was formally introduced was at the First White House Conference on Children in 1909 (Morton, 1993; Schuerman, Rzepnicki, & Littell, 1994). There was a tremendous increase in the use of foster care and institutional placements in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, bringing the idea of FP to bear in children s services (Schuerman et al., 1994). The growing realization that there is a significant degree of overlap between the child welfare and child mental systems also spurred the growth of interest in family preservation because of the potential for ameliorating the problems of the larger familial context (Yelton & Friedman, 1991). The appeal of FP services is their emphasis on keeping the nuclear family intact, on providing services in the least restrictive setting, and on providing cost-effective treatment (Biegel & Wells, 1991; Schuerman et al., 1994). Today, there are more than 200 FP programs in almost all 50 states, which usually target families who are at risk for a child being placed in out-of-home placement (Morton, 1993; Schuerman et al., 1994). Programs vary widely from one to the next on several dimensions, such as treatment approaches, organizational differences, and program size and capacity. However, some hallmark features have been identified (Schuerman et al., 1994): 1. Services should be family-centered and should seek to increase family functioning as a whole. 2. Services should be delivered in the home, as opposed to an office-based setting. 3. Services should be initiated when a crisis is identified, and they should be intensive and time-limited, thereby taking advantage of the crisis to promote change. 4. Services should empower families and build on strengths. 5. Services should encourage the use of formal and informal community-based resources. 6. Case management should be used to obtain, coordinate, and monitor service use. Thus, FP makes a commitment to providing family-centered, community-based care that focuses on strengths to prevent out-of-home placement in the short term and to foster family empowerment in the long term. The children s mental health system is increasingly complex, and the role of newer services that vary from one program to the next can be difficult to discern. Thus, researchers have outlined four primary roles of FP programs within the context of the larger mental health system: 1. Ensuring the protection and safety of clients 2. Conducting ecologically valid assessment in the family s natural environment to get a comprehensive view of their needs and strengths 3. Providing treatment that defuses the initial crisis, builds a treatment plan with the help of the family, and monitors and supports their progress
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SMOKE DETECTOR Tenant is aware of a working smoke detector in the premises and is solely responsible for its upkeep and battery replacement, if applicable. Tenant agrees to notify the property owner or agent for the owner, if the smoke detector does not work. HEATER FILTERS Tenant shall vacuum and/or replace the heater filters twice each year, where applicable. NOTICE TO VACATE A minimum of a 30-day written notice to vacate is required from all tenants, whether in the last 30 days of multiple-month lease
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High Technology/functionality PurePlay Inforetech
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Sensor area coverage technique was applied in Ovalle-Martinez et al. (2006) (the same algorithm was also described in the Conclusion and future work section of Shaikh et al. (2003); a similar idea appeared later in Heissenb ttel et al. u (2006)) for the design of beaconless broadcasting protocol in ad hoc and sensor networks. It assumes that each node knows its geographic position. Distinguished from most existing broadcasting protocols, the proposed solutions are beaconless, that is, they do not require any neighbor knowledge for each node. Nodes decide whether or not to retransmit the broadcast message based only on the information obtained during the broadcast process. Ovalle-Martinez et al. (2006) proposed several ABBAs, for two-dimension and three-dimension spaces. The proposed broadcasting protocol for two-dimension area (2D-ABBA) works as follows. Upon receiving the rst copy of the broadcast message, a node sets a time-out before it may decide to retransmit the message. The node may receive several copies of the message from different senders before the time-out expires. Since the position information of senders is included in the broadcast messages, the node can determine whether or not its transmission area, modeled as a circle, is covered by these senders. If the transmission area of the node is fully covered before the time-out expires, the node stops the timer and decides not to retransmit the message. Otherwise, the node retransmits the broadcast message once the time-out expires. Since all nodes have the same transmission radius, coverage of the transmission area is equivalent to the coverage of perimeter of the area. In the example in Figure 2.14a, suppose node A receives the broadcast message from node B , C , and D before its time-out expires. Since the perimeter of A is fully covered by the union of transmission area of B , C , and D, A decides not to retransmit the message. However, in Figure 2.14b, A nds its perimeter is not fully covered and decides to retransmit the message. Two methods were proposed in Ovalle-Martinez et al. (2006) to set the timeout for each node. One is to set the time-out in reverse proportional to the length of uncovered portions of the perimeter. The other method simply uses a random function with values between 0 and 1. The transmission area of a node is modeled as a sphere in a three-dimension area. In 3D-ABBA3 algorithm (Ovalle-Martinez et al., 2006), the intersections of three spheres are considered for coverage criteria. Suppose the three spheres are centered at A, B , and C , respectively. The two intersection points of any three spheres are on their 3D perimeter. Suppose A receives the broadcast message from B and C . If each such intersection point is included inside another sphere centered at node D that also retransmitted the message, the transmission sphere of node A is fully covered. Details are given in 3 where this criterion has been used for sensor volume coverage.
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WATS coordinator to find out what happened. He finally made the discovery that some technicians had hooked that number up for transmission testing. (These switching technicians are toll technicians, AT&T Long Lines switching technicians, and carrier systems technicians. In other words, they re the group of people who link switching centers together, from New York to Los Angeles, for example. In this case, the whole escapade was a kind of group effort. The switchmen and the carrier people got together and set up this number for testing, finding noisy carriers, carriers with cross talk on them, etc.) The WATS coordinator told them they d better get this number off too many people knew about it. He told them to erase every 800 test line number that was on the system. Not surprisingly, someone also got chewed out very severely. So, consequently, 800-957-9999 is no longer in existence. But since then, less than two weeks later, several of the 800 test numbers have begun to defiantly reappear. Check around, you ll probably find a few interesting ones. But I doubt if WWV s brief stint as a toll-free service will ever be repeated.
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News Items (Summer, 1997)
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