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Figure 5.22 Variation of antenna noise temperature with rain attenuation (frequency 12 GHz, TSKY = 20 K, TGROUND = 30 K)
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Check the indicator lights on the servers and other devices in the computer room. Devices that may have lights in the server room are: Servers Workstations Printers Switches Hubs Routers Bridges Concentrators Tape backup units Modems External drives All of these devices have indicator lights on them, and if something is wrong, the unit is designed to manipulate the lights in a pattern that you can look up in the
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The ability for a user to mix local and public annotations, and selectively publish local ones as public, can have important consequences for collaborative work. Figure 8.1 provides a simple illustration of the Web annotation principle, showing how two users interact with a Web-published document.
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There is no right or wrong way to self-monitor. Self-monitoring takes different forms and measures different things. It works when you nd a method that you are comfortable with and are willing to do over time. Most people benefit from monitoring two separate but related things when it comes to weight loss: food intake and body weight. Tracking food intake can be as simple as counting and writing down some measurement of food eaten, for example, calories or POINTS values of foods. Tracking may be expanded to include recording the food item and the portion that is eaten in addition to its calorie or POINTS information. To add even more detail, the tracking can include information about what time of day a food is eaten and/or feelings experienced while eating. Information can be written down on a piece of note paper, on an index card, or in a journal, whichever is most convenient. When used consistently, tracking food intake in writing produces superior weight-loss results. However, not all dieters are consistent in their short-term tracking and over time. Assessing internal cues for and feelings of hunger and satiety is an alternative method of monitoring eating habits and patterns and eating satisfaction. In practical terms, this means eating the amount of food needed for eating satisfaction, then stopping. Internal cues are closely linked with the person s level of dietary restraint and disinhibition (see chapter 3 for a more detailed discussion). One theory says that overweight people do not recognize their body s cues for hunger or satiety because they never learned how to do this. Learning to recognize and self-monitor these cues may be a helpful technique in weight management. Monitoring food intake helps keep track of the weight-loss process; monitoring weight loss keeps track of weight-loss progress. Weight loss can be monitored in several different ways: body weight, body measurements, or the clothing test. Body weight is the easiest measure of progress. An added bene t of using weighing as a self-monitoring strategy is that it allows pacing of
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These abnormalities range from very subtle changes such as luteal phase de ciency and anovulatory cycles to oligomenorrhea and amenorrhea. These abnormalities are associated with the degree of exercise in which competitive athletes participate. However, the exercise, while it correlates with the menstrual disturbance, is not likely to be causative. Each of these menstrual disturbances are related to the energy-de cient state to which exercise contributes. luteal phase de ciency Athletes affected by luteal phase de ciency rarely present for clinical evaluation. Luteal phase de ciency or insuf ciency arises because of inadequate progesterone stimulus of the uterine endometrium. After ovulation and the formation of the corpus luteum, glycogen- lled vacuoles begin to form under the in uence of progesterone. These vacuoles rise to the surface of the uterine endometrium and empty into the uterine cavity providing a glycogen-rich environment for the fertilized ovum. Without the in uence of progesterone, the uterine environment can be inadequate for the appropriate implantation of the developing embryo, resulting in high rates of infertility and spontaneous abortion. Unless the athlete is attempting to become pregnant, the clinical manifestations of this disturbance are minimal. Cycle lengths may be variable with shortened luteal phases, but unless fertility problems are encountered, the athlete will rarely notice problems that would cause them to seek care. Despite the paucity of women seeking care, this disturbance has been found to be extremely common in exercising women. In a group of 24 moderately exercising, regularly menstruating women, De Souza et al. (1998) found an incidence of 79% over a 3-month span. anovulation Women who experience luteal phase de ciency still have enough estrogen to ovulate appropriately. However, the next step along the exercise-associated menstrual disturbance continuum is the development of anovulation. It is felt that lower levels of
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8. On a technician s first day with a company, one of the Web servers has crashed with an OS error. What should be the technician s first step in troubleshooting the problem A. Examine the server documentation of the previous technician. B. Immediately call the server vendor s phone support. C. Examine the manual for the Web server. D. E-mail the OS vendor s technical support. 9. During a server s POST routine, a hardware error is observed. What is the best way to determine which Field Replacement Unit (FRU) to replace A. Reboot the sever with a POST diagnostic card. B. Check the operating system s event logs. C. Find the POST error code in the server s documentation. D. Call the OS vendor s technical support line to help find the appropriate part. 10. A new server is being installed to provide an FTP server for a development workgroup. The server isn t needed until next week. The technician has started to install the operating system but is running into problems in its configuration. What should be done to troubleshoot the problem A. Immediately call the OS vendor s support line with a level 1 emergency. B. E-mail the OS vendor s technical support with the configuration questions. C. Call the hardware vendor for a FRU. D. Reinstall the operating system. 11. A user is reporting a strange operating system error on his computer. You are unable to decipher the error message, and it does not appear in the OS manual. What is the next best resource to use to help troubleshoot the problem A. Check the readme file on the installation disk. B. Enter the error into the vendor s Web knowledgebase. C. Call the vendor s technical support line, which charges $3.99 a minute. D. Check the manual for the computer s motherboard.
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Bills, lease, and hire-purchase agreements discounted with recourse, other guarantees and claims Litigation, current or pending, is not considered likely to have a material adverse effect on the group Buy-back and repurchase commitments not reflected on the balance sheet The related assets are estimated to have a value at least equal to the repurchase commitment There are no material contingent liabilities in join venture companies.
segment. The segment contains iterated (run length encoded) data.
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