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The White House Break-in
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Star Schema Designs for Sales Analysis
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A Closer Look at Weight and Blood Cholesterol
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changes and related accounting policy disclosure matters that were approved during the postaudit review segment of the auditing cycle. For additional guidance on the subjects for the report, the reader should review the check list and other guidelines as discussed in the preceding chapters. 6. A summary of the committee s recommendations regarding such matters as the selection of the public accounting firm and changes in the internal auditing policies. Such recommendations may be incorporated with the preceding step. The reader should review the salient points in 7 regarding the selection or reappointment of the public accounting firm. Also, the committee will approve certain matters, such as financial statement disclosure matters (e.g., changes in accounting policies) as well as the audit and nonaudit fees. 7. The report should be signed by the chair, and names of other committee members should be disclosed in the report. 8. The committee may wish to provide attachments of principles s reports, such as the independent auditors management letter, management s letter of representation to the auditors, and other special reports based on its discretion. A suggested format for the report is presented in Exhibit 14.1. Subsequent to their recommendations, audit committee members may wish to use this paragraph:
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Of particular interest is the HKEY_DYN_DATA key (see Figure 2-2). Chasing this key down several nodes leads to quite a bit of useful information. For example, the subkey HKEY_DYN_DATA\PerfStats\StartStat\ leads you to a value with the name KERNEL\CPUUsage. Another value under that same key is VFAT\ReadsSec. Note that the registry is actually implemented in VMM.VXD. By putting the registry code in the first VxD that's loaded (VMM.VXD), the information in the registry can be accessed and used by VxDs themselves. You can see this for yourself by looking in the VMM.H file from the Windows 95 DDK. In the file, you'll find that the following VxD services are available for use by other VxDs:
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