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Ibid., p. 1.
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LLCs are taxed in a manner substantially identical to limited partnerships. This combination of limited liability for all members (without the need to construct the unwieldy, double-entity, limited partnership with a corporate general partner) and a pass-through of all tax effects to the members personal returns, makes the LLC the ideal vehicle for whatever tax shelter activity remains after the imposition of the passive-activity rules. Technically, under recently adopted check the box regulations, LLCs, limited partnerships, and all other unincorporated business entities may choose to be taxed either as partnerships or as taxable corporations. Recognizing that the vast majority of these entities are formed to take advantage of the opportunity to have taxable income or loss pass through to the owners, these
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NetPaper is a program that I wrote to download weather maps or other timely GIF and BMP files from both Web and Gopher sites, and displays them on the desktop as wallpaper. For images on web sites, it simply uses
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Global Finance
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The Investors
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The STOP request method is used to stop either an active ( IN-PROGRESS) or queued (PENDING) RECOGNIZE request. If the Active-Request-Id-List header field is omitted from the STOP request, the RECOGNIZE request in progress is stopped and any RECOGNIZE requests pending in the queue are removed. If a STOP request successfully terminates one or more PENDING or IN-PROGRESS RECOGNIZE requests, the corresponding response, with status code 200 Success, will include an Active-Request-Id-List header field listing the request-ids of the requests that were terminated. The RECOGNITION-COMPLETE event is not sent for a terminated request. If no RECOGNIZE requests were terminated, the response status code would still be 200 Success but the Active-Request-Id-List header field is omitted. It is possible to target particular RECOGNIZE requests from the set of PENDING RECOGNIZE requests and the current IN-PROGRESS request by specifying the Active-Request-Id-List header field in the STOP request. If the current IN-PROGRESS request is terminated, then the next available PENDING request in the queue is processed. Figure 13.6 illustrates an example of a STOP request. The corresponding messages follow. F1 (client speechrecog): MRCP/2.0 205 RECOGNIZE 40000 Channel-Identifier: 23af1e13@speechrecog Confidence-Threshold: 0.9 Content-Type: text/grammar-ref-list Content-Length: 47
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Hotel, which I helped one of my clients buy. I ve also had the opportunity to watch Donald Trump in action as he made some of the greatest real estate investments in history. This book explains the strategies Donald Trump used to make his real estate fortune, and how small investors can apply them to investments of any size, right down to a one-family rental property. I describe how Trump implements some of his signature strategies such as creating luxury, perceived value, exclusivity, and attention to detail, which all come together to maximize the value of his investments. (This is why his properties earn far more money, square foot for square foot, than his competitors .) A number of the chapters focus on a particular real estate investment that I was directly involved in negotiating or advising Trump on. Using this example, I draw out the lessons and explain how the same strategies that Trump used to make huge profits on his deals can work for you the small investor. Although Trump does things on a grand scale and his target market is usually an elite, luxury customer, Trump s basic real estate strategies will be of interest to: Anyone who is interested in owning or developing real estate Anyone unsure of how to negotiate a real estate transaction Anyone who is in real estate on a small scale but would like to do more Anyone interested in learning how Donald Trump does his magic This is the first book on Trump s strategies for the real estate investor. Although it has a lot of nuts-and-bolts guidance and investing principles, the book alone will not make you a great investor. As I tell the students who take my negotiation course at New York University, There s no way in 15 hours that I can make you
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