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According to Peter Wickens, the Personnel Director of Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK when it was founded in the mid-1980s, the secret of Japan s success was a so-called Japanese tripod of team work, quality consciousness and exibility. Wickens himself promoted Nissan s approach to HRM through published articles (Wickens, 1985) and books (Wickens, 1987). He argued that workers at Nissan regarded themselves as part of the team (and company), that quality was emphasized through work, and that the employees genuine involvement in the company through team work and quality led naturally to exibility. The result, according to the company, was to create a harmonious and productive working environment (The Guardian, 8 September 1987). This view of the employment relationship at Nissan was speci cally criticized by research conducted with workers from the plant (Garrahan & Stewart, 1992) and the perceived harmony and mutuality of Japanese IR and HRM has been questioned more generally (e.g. Delbridge & Turnbull, 1992; Gordon, 1985). The link between workplace harmony and manufacturing productivity has been questioned on two different but inter-related points. First, while the distinctive production methods of lean manufacturing have been linked to high productivity in Japanese plants (Oliver, Delbridge & Lowe, 1996), there has been no such clear link evident for loyalty, commitment or corporate culture (Dunphy, 1986). Neither do Japanese HRM policies necessarily generate higher levels of worker satisfaction (Briggs, 1988; Dunphy, 1986). As Lincoln & Kalleberg (1990, p. 60) comment, . . . a striking nding, which has appeared with remarkable consistency in comparative survey research on industrial attitudes, is that the levels of job satisfaction reported by the Japanese are lower than in the Western industrialized countries . Second, as discussed above, the key role of HRM as a strategically integrated subsystem within the organizing principles of lean manufacturing is to make workers feel obliged to contribute to the performance of the organization and to identify with its competitive success. For this reason, Wickens tripod of success has been re-labelled a tripod of subjugation , where team work represents management through compliance , quality consciousness results in management through blame and exibility leads to management by stress (Delbridge & Turnbull, 1992). These competing interpretations of the HRM approach needed to underpin to lean manufacturing may be characterized as a divergence of opinion over whether workers are prepared to meet the demands of the production system because of their levels of commitment or due to their subordination to management and their subsequent coercion to comply with production requirements. Both schools of thought concur, however, that the particular technical/systems characteristics of lean manufacturing minimal buffers, tight coupling, high quality and the drive for continuous improvement make speci c demands upon workers and consequently require supportive HR practices. A schematic representation of the key organizing principles, both within and between plants operating under lean manufacturing, is given in Figure 2.1. The clearest research-based articulation and advocacy of these principles and their relationship to organizational performance has been provided by the work of MacDuf e (1995a), who was a researcher on the original IMVP and has subsequently further developed this work. He presents data from a survey of 62 car assembly plants in support of two related arguments: rst, that what he calls innovative HR practices affect performance as inter-related elements in an internally consistent HR bundle ; second, that these bundles contribute most to assembly plant productivity and quality when they are integrated with manufacturing policies under the organizational logic of a exible production
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the sequence rollover occurs. This is accomplished by allowing the access point and station to exchange key generation information. The key generation information is protected by key encryption keys (KEKs). The KEKs are pushed to the access point (AP) and wireless station (STA) by the IEEE 802.11X authentication server (AS). The AS and AP, being on wired network already, have a trust relation. A key is needed to complement a similar level of trust relation between the AS and station (STA). A master key (MK) is used for this purpose. Figure 9-17 shows the relation between the three key types. 9.6.2. TKIP Encapsulation Process The above four functions and algorithms result in the secure encapsulation of TKIP-secured data, as shown in Figure 9-18. Notably, the MIC is added to the MSDU (instead of a fragment), following which regular IEEE 802.11 fragmentation function is invoked. Each fragment thus gets its own sequence number for a true per-packet key in phase II mixing. The result of phase II mixing is in the per-packet key, represented as a WEP
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Financing and Closing Considerations
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Figure 9-3. A network connection consists of multiple logical connections.
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Allows RFCs to be called
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