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Suggested Criteria for Discharging From Treatment Into Aftercare
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While each firm should develop its own specific set of appraisals for each level, which emphasize the skills required at that level, issues to consider include: Does the individual have the core skills needed to execute the work Has the individual demonstrated the necessary skills, capabilities, and knowledge to advance to the next level Does the individual put forth the appropriate effort (work ethic) Does the individual work to build new knowledge (client-specific, industry, or technical skills) Does the individual contribute to firm intellectual property or help develop new service lines Does the individual develop meaningful, effective relationships with client counterparts Does the individual work to sell new business or expand business with existing clients Is the individual capable of appropriately structuring and managing work independently or working in teams Does the individual manage subordinates and teams well Does the individual establish effective working relationships with peers and managers The CD-ROM that accompanies this book provides a sample appraisal form for a consulting-oriented professional services organization. Because of the effort for appraisals and most firms planning cycles, an annual appraisal cycle is generally most appropriate. Many firms also perform a quarterly or half-year appraisal for new hires to ensure that they get off to a good start. Staff with performance issues may need to have intracycle appraisals completed as well to ensure that they are raising the level of their production appropriately. The firm must also make a choice about how many appraisals it wants to complete simultaneously. Some firms work on rolling appraisal schedules, which coincide with the anniversary of the individual s hire date. Other firms complete all staff appraisals during the period of a few weeks, once per year. This schedule is particularly appropriate for firms with seasonal business patterns. A drop-off in billable activity at the end of the year can make the ideal time to complete the appraisal cycle. Usually an annual appraisal cycle is most productive; rolling appraisals can be disruptive and are more difficult to organize. The appraisal process should also define which professionals should be interviewed for the appraisal. Some firms limit interviews and input to managers or partners for whom the appraisee has worked, and other firms employ
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The Procedure
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Estimated Exit Price/Gain on Sale 1 Yr
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Protecting Shares
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Fair value
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. How many of these involved procedural mistakes on your part Don t worry if there were a lot of those. You improve with practice! . How many issues can you remember Probably not many, particularly if your rst grid was some time ago. . If you can, talk to the colleague from whom you elicited that grid. Can s/he help you to remember anything else that s worth noting about the process
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