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Chemical total flooding systems work by suffocating the fire within the controlled area. The suppression chemical most often found in server rooms is Halon 1301, but this is being eliminated in favor of the more environmentally friendly FM200 or various forms of water suppression. Carbon dioxide systems are also used, but can be a major concern because of operator safety in the event of a discharge. Carbon dioxide is a colorless, heavy gas used for extinguishing flames, but is deadly if breathed in. These systems can be used independently or in combination depending on the exposures in the room. The ideal system incorporates both a gas system and a pre-action water sprinkler system in the computer room. Gas-suppression systems are better for the hardware in the event of discharge, because hardware can typically be brought back on-line as soon as the room is cleared of the gas. Unfortunately, gas systems are a one-time deal. If a fire is not put out by the discharge, there is no second chance. The gas system cannot be used again until it is recharged. Water systems can continue to address the problem until the fire is brought under control, but often cause irreparable damage to the hardware. Building owners, local laws, and insurance companies often require water suppression systems.
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The New Workplace: A Guide to the Human Impact of Modern Working Practices. Edited by David Holman, Toby D. Wall, Chris W. Clegg, Paul Sparrow and Ann Howard.
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(e) Attributional: there s no particularly attributional construct here. None that make statements attributing causes or reasons to the actions or behaviour of the people who make up the elements of this grid.
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Psychosocial Rehabilitation
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The class name is a noun. While this will not cause the system to crash, it will usually be part of the internal project standard. Hence, it is important to check the name of the class for its correct representation. In Figure 4.14, both Policy and Client are nouns that correctly represent the business entities in the problem space. This check is not more of a project standard than of a UML standard. The class name starts with a capital letter. Like the previous check, this will be a part of the project standard. Class names are singular. A class, representing a collection of objects, is still a singular noun. For example, the class Client represents many clients in the system. But when named, it is called Client, not Clients. Similarly, the Policy class is a singular noun representing a class of policies. If a stereotype is used to classify the class further, then check that it is correctly represented using the stereotype notations. The three basic stereotypes are entity, boundary and controller. The entity stereotype is the only one appearing in MOPS. If the class description has attributes, they are also singular common nouns describing the characteristics of the class. Responsibilities of a class should be clearly described, based on the requirements appearing in the use case and activity diagrams. Is this an abstract class If so, is it represented by its name shown in italics
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Programmers/Development Teams Tier 2 support On-site problem resolution PC/desktop support and administration
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Amazon didn t do anything that any other company couldn t do. Data arrived via the Internet, but had they come over the phone or in the mail, it wouldn t have made any difference.
The .edata section
Syntax Checks for Deployment Diagrams in MOBS
National Nanotechnology Coordination Office
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