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performance and cost. For example, aircraft manufacturers always do trade studies focused on the aircraft s weight, while maintaining the system s cost, safety, and so forth. Similarly, safety, reliability, and cost are among the many other objectives that are commonly the focus of a trade study. 9.7 DOCUMENT ARCHITECTURES AND OBTAIN APPROVAL
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Protocol Analysis in a VLAN Environment
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As previously mentioned, although a membership interest in an LLC may be freely transferable under applicable state law, most LLCs require the affirmative vote of at least a majority of the members or managers before a member s interest may be transferred. Furthermore, membership interests in an LLC will usually qualify as securities under relevant securities laws and will therefore be subject to the restrictions on transfer imposed by such laws.
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Visual Basic 6.0 Internet Programming
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Roadmap Methodology
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Engineering involves the practice of applying scienti c theories to the development, production, deployment, training, operation and maintenance, re nement, and retirement of a system or product and its parts. The engineering discipline that addresses the creation of a system that meets the needs of de ned stakeholders is systems engineering. The engineering of a system involves both the design of the system s components and con guration items (CIs) and the integration of those CIs and components into a quali ed system acceptable to the stakeholders across the life cycle of the system. The Vee model of the engineering of a system de nes the design and integration processes of TTDSE and form the basis for this book. These processes are iterative. Design starts as a top-down process and is analogous to peeling an onion to uncover the speci cations associated with increasingly detailed components of the system. However, the trade offs and decisions associated with the design process are so complex and intertwined that there is signi cant movement between low-level and high-level design issues. The key to successful design is the isolation of design decisions using sound engineering principles so that this movement between low- and high-level design issues is consistent with the needs of the development process. There are logical arguments for decreasing development costs by spending the money to conduct a reasonable, systematic engineering effort of the total system. Multiple types of architectures are introduced to differentiate between what the system does (its functions) and what the system is (its resources) and how the functions are allocated to the resources to enhance the cost-effectiveness of the system in the eyes of the stakeholders. The functional and physical architectures are developed in parallel to enhance the integration of them into the allocated architecture. Requirements are used to de ne the design problem being solved at various levels of detail. Mission requirements de ne the problem in terms most meaningful to the stakeholders, terms that relate to enabling the stakeholders to accomplish tasks better, faster, and cheaper. Stakeholders requirements are the next level of detail that constrain speci c characteristics of the system so as to achieve the mission requirements. Derived requirements relating to the system and speci c components are even more detailed constraints upon the system. In addition to the requirements related to the system, quali cation
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A functionality is a set of functions that is required to produce a particular output. Now we de ne simple and complete functionalities: Simple Functionality: an ordered sequence of functional processes that operates on a single input to produce a speci c output. Note there may be many inputs required to produce the output in question, but this simple functionality is only related to one of the inputs. As a result the simple functionality may not include all of the necessary functional processes needed to produce the output. Nor does this simple functionality trace the only possible sequence of these functional processes. Note each simple functionality has a speci c order associated with the functions that de ne the simple functionality; for this reason we cannot say that a simple functionality is an element of the power set of functional processes because there is no order associated with an element of the power set. Also we cannot say that this simple functionality is a mathematical function since a given input may be mapped into more than one output. Complete Functionality: a complete set of coordinated processes that operate on all of the necessary inputs for producing a speci c output. There is usually no speci c order associated with the complete set of functional processes; however a partial order of the functional activities can be established because some functions will usually have to be activated and completed before some others. The complete functionality cannot be an element of the power set of functional processes because there is still some order information associated with the functions in the complete functionality. There is no order information in the sets of functions that comprise the power set of functions. There is a well-de ned set of inputs, which is one element of the Cartesian product (or n-tuple) of inputs, and is uniquely associated with the output. This output is also an element of the Cartesian product, or m-tuple, of outputs. A functional architecture can be de ned at several levels of detail: 1. A logical architecture that de nes what the system must do, a decomposition of the system s top-level function. This very limited de nition of the functional architecture is the most common and is represented as a directed tree. 2. A logical model that captures the transformation of inputs into outputs using control information. This de nition adds the ow of inputs and outputs throughout the functional decomposition; these items that comprise the inputs and outputs are commonly modeled via a data model (see 12). An IDEF0 model without any mechanisms is used as the modeling technique in this chapter to represent the functional architecture at this level of detail. Other modeling techniques in 12 for data and process modeling could also be used.
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