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of millions of spams. There are clearly a lot of idiots who respond to spam, and you only need a small proportion. Then, a week or two later send spam message #2, You might have heard recently about a charity that made a plea to maintain its status with the IRS. If you donated any money, be informed that you are a victim of fraud. The charity s IRS status is not up for renewal, and there is no effort to remove its 501(c)(3) status under IRS regulations [insert another valid hyperlink here]. If you donated with PayPal, protest your donation and reverse it, follow this link [link to PayPal dispute center]. If you donated with your credit card, be sure to file a dispute claim with your bank. Would your spam campaign bring in more money to the target than was reversed later Again, let s do some math. Assume 200 donations are made with an average of $5 each, and 50 percent of donations are made via PayPal accounts, while the others are made using PayPal with a credit card. The net gain is 200 x $5, minus 45 cents per transaction for PayPal s fees: $911. If 100 out of 200 donors file a successful claim with PayPal or their credit card company, and half used their credit card, $500 would be removed from the charity via PayPal. Chargeback fees would net a further $500 ($10 each for 50 credit cards). Further PayPal fees of $48.50 would be assessed as the $500 were removed. Total removed is 500+500+48.50=1,048.50. The charity would get to keep the proceeds from the 100 donors who didn t protest, about $455.50 (half of $911). Net loss to the charity is 455.50 - 548.50 or $93.10, plus lots of aggravation. PayPal does have a lot of protections in place, but far fewer when no goods are being sold, and far fewer at larger dollar amounts. Just a few reversed transactions can make a charity or other recipient have a bad day. In this article, I have laid out some of the basics, and also worked through some hypothetical scenarios where a larger number of reversed transactions can be truly damaging. Lots of people have worked on anonymous payment systems, non-repudiation of payments, and escrow systems for delivering goods. For examples, read some articles on e-gold. PayPal does not implement the hard parts of such a system, which require a trusted intermediary (not one who profits from every type of transaction, including illegitimate ones, as PayPal does), and strong cryptographic methods of ensuring identity while maintaining anonymity. PayPal is ubiquitous, but has flaws. Let the buyer, and the seller, beware.
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Fine. Now return to Section 6.1.1.
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You have several different choices for backup hardware, and your choice can affect the performance of your system. Carefully consider your current and future needs for the backup system. Keep in mind that most backup hardware is relatively slow when compared to today s hard drives. The following are some of the common storage technologies: Travan: This is an older and slower technology that is still in use. This technology does not always support hardware compression options. The media drives are slower than current higher-speed systems, and require frequent retensioning. A 3.2GB Travan data cartridge costs about $29.99, and a 20GB data cartridge is roughly $10.00 more. DAT: Digital Audio Tape is available in several formats including DDS, DDS2, DDS3, and DDS4. DDS4 tapes can store over 100GB of data, and the technology is considered to be high performance, reliable, and fast because of excellent throughput and fast file access. A 4GB DDS-1 data cartridge costs approximately $3.59, and a DDS-4 data cartridge costs approximately $30.00. DLT: Digital Linear Tape systems are very fast, and are fairly expensive as well. This is a very popular and reliable technology. A 30GB DLT III cartridge costs approximately $40.00, and a DLT IV 40/70/80GB data cartridge costs approximately $70.00. AIT: Advanced Intelligent Tape is Sony s latest innovation in fast-access, highdensity tape recording technology. AIT can store large amounts of data and retrieve information quickly. AIT tapes have Sony s Memory In Cassette (MIC) architecture. The MIC consists of a memory chip built into the data cartridge that holds the system s log and other user-definable information. AIT systems are very fast, but can be very expensive as well. They offer incredibly high performance because of excellent throughput and fast file access. A 25GB AIT cartridge costs approximately $60.00, and a 50GB data cartridge costs approximately $90.00. Your hardware choices other than the backup media can also affect backup performance. Some of the more important are as follows: SCSI controllers: You should use hardware that is compatible with both the server operating system and the backup software application. Most backup hardware should be compatible with most backup software. Having a faster controller does not always result in faster performance; in fact it can actually cause serious performance issues by causing SCSI bus timeouts. Using a backup drive that is capable of 80MB per minute, and a SCSI controller capable of 160MB per second results in a conceivable throughput of 12,800MB per minute. This can often be too much for the backup drive media and devices to handle, and will most likely result in SCSI bus timeouts. A SCSI bus timeout occurs when either the SCSI controller or the SCSI device detects that a command has not been responded to within a specific time period. Commands are normally issued by the SCSI controller, which then waits for a response from the device being addressed. If no response is detected, the controller may
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New attic floor joists Joist hangers
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Source: www.sec.gov/rules/final/htm; www.sec.gov/new/press/htm; and www.sec.gov/rules/ proposed/htm.
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Disaster Deal No. 3
UML element Relationship
BOOL GetLPSTR( PSTR ptr, PSTR buffer ) { PSTR p = buffer; int i;
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