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If the $sort by parameter is equal to the string 'value', you want the current node. You can do this with:
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Part VII Disaster Recovery
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boolean element available(string) boolean returns true if the processor supports the named (extension) function function available(string)
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The projects that benefit most from earned value will have the greatest challenges implementing it. The larger the project, the more difficult it is to understand all the parts and to stay on top of cost and schedule variance. That s why these practices were invented to manage huge defense programs. Putting the infrastructure in place to generate honest data on a routine basis is a formidable task on a major project or program but the alternative is even worse. Escalation Thresholds While the project team has the authority to solve certain problems, others need to be escalated to higher management or may even demand the direct attention of senior management. The determining factors for who handles a problem or approves a solution are its cost and schedule impacts. Escalation thresholds represent preset variances that signal the severity of a problem; these thresholds are set during the planning process. The communication plan developed early in the project and described in 4 contains a description of the cost and schedule escalation thresholds (see Figure 12.7). Thresholds accomplish several important functions: Change management thresholds separate the types of changes the project team can approve from those the change board must approve (see 11). 318 TEAM LinG - Live, Informative, Non-cost and Genuine !
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2.4.1 Centralized Set Cover-Based Algorithms
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