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 In theory it would be possible to have a thousands of separate subcarriers spread across a particular amount of available bandwidth, but ensuring that the orthogonal is maintained within a cell becomes increasingly dif cult.  Therefore, until recently in practice the number of subcarriers used varied between 64 (WiFi) and 256 2048 (WiMAX range of all versions).  With the very basic form of OFDM, all subcarriers will be used to carry different parts of a single user s message, i.e., at any point in time, all usable subcarriers carry the traf c from a single customer.  In practice, in a working system, some of the subcarriers will not be used because of poor SNR or for creating part of the guard band.  Having established a number of orthogonal subcarriers, we can now modulate the content signal onto all of the usable subcarriers using PSK or QAM techniques.
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OWL Document
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EXHIBIT 18.6 ACM E Manufacturing Inc.: Projected invested capital net cash f lows 2001 2005. ($million) 2001 Projected after-tax income Projected interest expense Tax shield of interest expense Common stock dividend adjustment Projected depreciation/amortization After-tax gross cash f low to invested capital Increase/decrease in working capital (excluding interest-bearing ST debt) Increase/decrease in investments Increase/decrease in other assets Increase/decrease in other liabilities Cash available for financing Preferred stock dividends Net cash f low + Beginning cash balance Preliminary cash available Minimum required cash balance Available for dividend to invested capital, net free cash f low $4.35 1.04 (0.42) (0.30) 0.88 5.55 (0.54) (2.80) (0.13) 2.08 2.08 0.04 2.12 (0.20) $1.92 2002 $4.88 1.10 (0.44) (0.26) 1.01 6.28 (0.63) (2.94) (0.15) 2.57 2.57 0.20 2.77 (0.20) $2.57 2003 $5.44 1.14 (0.45) 1.14 7.26 (0.65) (3.09) (0.16) 3.37 3.37 0.20 3.57 (0.20) $3.37 2004 $6.05 1.21 (0.48) 1.29 8.06 (0.72) (3.24) (0.18) 3.92 3.92 0.20 4.12 (0.20) $3.92 2005 $6.65 1.28 (0.51) 1.43 8.86 (0.73) (3.40) (0.20) 4.53 4.53 0.20 4.73 (0.20) $4.53
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Comments When the object is renamed in the ObjectMap, it will immediately reflect in all scripts that refer to that object. However, if objects are deleted from the Sctript s Object Map, RFT does not automatically delete all the references to that object in the script. Instead it will show up compilation errors at the instances where the deleted object has been used in the script. The map provides the testing team a single source to update when objects in the AUT are changed. By changing the map, all scripts that reference that object will use the updated object information. RFT uses object-oriented technology to identify objects by their internal object properties and not by screen coordinates or object names. So if the location or text or any other specific property of the object changes from build to build, RFT can still find it and proceed with playback without breaking our scripts. ScriptAssure is the technology that makes the test scripts immune to object property changes between software builds. RFT does provide the ability to code the entire script without having any objects in the map. What this means is that we can hand code the entire script without using the recorder. So, as long as the tester/developer knows the hierarchy and properties of the object in the application, he/she can proceed with creating test scripts. If the user is looking to perform keyword-driven testing with RFT, then RFT integrates with an open-source keyword-driven testing framework called SAFS (Software Automation Framework Support), which does just that. Yes, no scripting is required. RFT is used to record manual interactions with the application under test. Recording is, however, transparent to the user, in the sense that, while the user performs the test, RFT will on the fly make a script of all the user
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14: Ten Common Internet Poker Mistakes
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