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When you begin playing online for the first time, you should work up to limits that measure about half the size of what you ultimately want to play and stay there until you get comfortable and can regularly beat the game. Keep close track of your wins and losses; advance no further until you have a certifiable winning record. Remember, whatever you lose at your current level is doubled on the next. Never, ever, move up to a higher level with the idea that you can recover your losses faster. When losing, the best way to recover is to move down in limits, not up. The competition isn t as stiff and the decisions you make are purer because they don t have as much riding on them, leaving you less worried about your monetary risk.
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Figure 3-3: A no-limit slider, which allows you to make a bet or raise above the minimum amount, from a classic Internet table.
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The power of the dominant value system in an Engineered Society is very strong because it s widely shared by people who have a lot of power themselves (like the established leaders). According to Hunter s First Law, that makes the official value system network very powerful indeed. Anything outside the dominant value system in an Engineered Society is basically invisible, whether or not the mass media are limited to officially sanctioned news.
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This chapter identifies and defines the primary ways in which professional services firms are organized and discusses how different types of organizational models can enhance or impede the success of the firm. Because the most important asset of any professional services firm is its employees, it is critical that its organizational design allow people the freedom to operate effectively while supplying needed structure as well as checks and balances to keep the firm on track. This balance can be difficult to achieve. Most professional services firms are made up of talented and intelligent people who are eager to develop new ideas and methodologies and have little patience for complex organizational structures that hamper their creativity. Yet, for a firm to be successful as a business, it must have a mechanism that forges the talent and intelligence of its professional staff into a cohesive whole. The organizational model must create and reinforce the alignment between the company s external and internal strategies, support the firm s chosen image and branding strategy, and be f lexible enough to respond quickly to changes in the business environment.
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<p> <hr size=7> </font> </blockquote> <center> <p> <font size=2 face= verdana,arial,helvetica > <map name= navmap > <area coords= 1,1,59,59 href= / > <area coords= 60,1,125,59 href= /lsearch.boa > <area coords= 425,1,482,59 href= /suggest.boa > <area coords= 127,1,182,59 href= /whatsnew.boa > <area coords= 184,1,230,59 href= /gcgi/news_form > <area coords= 231,2,302,59 href= /links > <area coords= 304,2,377,59 href= /links/lpage.boa/TOOLVENDOR > <area coords= 378,2,424,59 href= /links/lpage.boa/FILE > </map> <center> <a href= /img/toolbar.map ><img ismap usemap= #navmap src= /img/tbnew.gif border=0 wid ALT= Navigation Toolbar ></a> <p> <a href= / ><img src= /img/cgvbhome.gif height=34 width=119 border=0></a> <br><font size= -2 face= verdana,arial,helvetica ><i>Copyright (c) Carl Franklin and Ga 1994-1998. All rights reserved.</i> <br>Design and production courtesy <a href= <http://www.spidereye.com.au/> >Spider Eye Studios</a></font> </center> </font></body> </html> The first line of the header, like the request header, is a status line that usually follows this format: <HTTP Version> <Status Code> <Explanation> The status code is a three-digit number that tells the client exactly what the response is. As defined in the HTTP 1.0 draft document, Figure 7.4 shows the possible status codes that the server sends the client. Figure 7.4 Status codes returned by the HTTP server.
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And so let us, too, strive to become more like the Conifer youth, and in particular, the General Sherman tree. Life has a way of challenging each of us with our own set of unique storms. Lightning will strike when we least expect it, floods will follow, and fires will rage. Just as a blade of steel is tempered by a hot fire, so also are our souls tempered by the trials and challenges life presents us. Let us respond with courage in our hearts and resist the adversarial powers that may attempt to thwart our progress, and, in so doing, become more like the giant sequoia, able to rise above ourselves, to control our environment, to master all things physical, and to live in a higher and more beautiful world.
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