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LocalAlloc and ILocalAlloc
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EXHIBIT 9.14 Headcount chart. Month 1 Business development Sales and administration Software developers Customer service Total head count 1 2 3 0 6 Month 6 2 2 3 2 9 Month 12 3 6 3 3 15 Month 18 3 10 18 5 36 Month 24 3 10 18 5 36 Month 30 3 14 23 10 50 Month 36 3 14 26 10 53
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By far the most common form of renting your property is advertising in your local newspaper. However, the trend in the last three years has been toward the Internet. This is especially true in areas where people are relocating from other parts of the country (or world) or around universities.
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1.7. MOBILE IP While mobility in wireless networks implies data transmission with the terminal in motion, it has a different connotation in mobile IP. Mobile IP is a protocol to be used with the existing Internet to allow a user terminal to be attached at a different point from its home network. This is essentially not a wireless network, but a portable xed network protocol. Figure 1-8 shows various components of a mobile IP network. The home network of the mobile terminal has a router that performs the function of home agent to keep the information of user s current location and forward, packets to that location. This packet forwarding is done with the help of a care-of address, required in addition to the permanent IP address of the mobile terminal. When a mobile terminal enters a visited area, it requires the services of a foreign agent. The foreign agent provides registration and packet-forwarding services to the visiting terminals. Each mobile IP host uses one permanent IP
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There are many ways to research your asking price. Take the time and do the homework. If you are getting little or no activity showing your rental, either the price is too high or you need to reevaluate the condition. A good ad and marketing campaign will attract a quality tenant. There are many resources to market your property use them. Fair-housing laws apply to your advertising. View your available unit through the eyes of a prospective tenant. It doesn t hurt to get a professional opinion. Hire someone in the business to consult with you on your price and condition.
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576 Making Key Strategic Decisions
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If you're lucky and have symbol information, the disassembler may already have replaced the "[00464398]" with the name used in the program's source. If it hasn't, you should find all the instructions that use that memory location and replace the address with the symbolic name. If you don't have symbolic information, try to figure out what the variable is used for and make up your own name. In 16-bit code, identifying global variables is much the same as in 32-bit code, albeit with 16- rather than 32-bit addresses. If the code you're working with has multiple data segments, however, you'll need to be extra careful.
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You re playing Seven-Card Stud and suspect that the player opposite you, showing four clubs, has missed his flush. You call his river bet with your straight and ask, Did you hit it Yep, he says. You toss your hole cards to the center of the table, thereby mucking your straight. He continues, I hit two pair, and he exposes a pair of aces and a pair of eights. He wins by default because your hand is officially dead.
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Even a no-load fund duns its shareholders for the costs of doing business. These include everything from the advisory fee paid the fund manager to administrative costs like printing and postage. These costs are expressed as an expense ratio, which is an annual percentage of the fund s average net assets under management. Published fund returns are usually calculated net of annual expenses, but you should de nitely pay attention to these costs. When you get your statement at the end of the year, you can count on the costs being skimmed off the top. There s a temptation to associate high expenses with good fund management. Some people gure it s like anything else: You get what you pay for. The fact is, however, that low-expense funds are more likely to outperform high-expense funds over the long haul. Recently, the average expense ratio for domestic equity funds was about 1.4 percent. For xed-income funds it was about 1.1 percent. Foreign funds have higher expense ratios, averaging around 1.7 percent. There is no reason to buy funds with expense ratios higher than that.
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Weiler et al. (1986) Helbling & Muller (1991) Drobnic (1994) Tikkanen & Helenius (1994) Potts (1996) Schoene et al. (1997) Helenius et al. (1998) Weiler et al. (1998) Katelaris et al. (2000) Lapucci et al. (2003)
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