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EXHIBIT 11.5 Automated Test Tool Simulating System Load in an SAP
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processes, cycle time is improved, reducing costs, improving quality, and enhancing communication. Continuous improvement. Offshore service delivery is an everchanging effort. Processes, standards, and policies governing one client may not work for another. The service provider must continually evaluate process performance, identify improvement, and integrate these improvements back into the process.
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Stores test assets in MSDE, SQL Server, or Oracle
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Getting a feel for how everything works
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rules, and against project scope document, one can proceed to create an RTM. The RTM is a representation of user requirements aligned against system functionality. The RTM is used to ensure that all requirements (not just functional requirements) are being met by system deliverables. The RTM will map requirements to test cases. The benefits of the RTM include:
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Different Kinds of Projects Deserve Different Project Management Practices Why does a company have to develop project management standards Why can t it just buy a set from a project management consulting firm or use the downloadable forms in this book Or better yet, why can t we all agree on a single best way to manage projects The obvious answer is that not every project has the same management requirements. The differences between projects make it impossible to use a one-size-fits-all approach. There may be several different types of projects within an organization and each type will require different management standards. The downloadable forms in this book are meant to provide a starting point for a firm s project management standards, but they ll have to be customized to reach their full potential. Before creating project management standards for each type of project, company managers will need to step back and determine how many kinds of projects exist within the organization. They will look for the kind of complexity that requires different tools or management techniques. Here are two major factors that separate projects into different categories: 1. Approvals. If different types of projects have different approval processes, they will require different standards for passing their approval gates. Cost is often a factor in formalizing approvals; so are the organizational boundaries spanned by projects. For instance, low-cost projects usually require less oversight than large, expensive projects, and projects that stay within a department will have a simpler approval process, particularly compared to projects serving customers outside the firm. 2. Common risk factors. Projects that share certain risk factors, especially organizational or management risk factors, benefit from consistent project management standards. Here are some examples: projects that serve many customers instead of a single one that is easily identified; projects with large or geographically dispersed teams; projects employing subcontractors to perform portions of the work; and projects with similar technical challenges or that deliver similar products. For example, one department came up with three project types: 1. Small: Projects requiring less than 100 labor hours. 2. Internal: Projects in which the department had complete control of the people and decisions. 3. External: Projects in which the department was delivering a service outside its boundaries and therefore required a good deal more coordination and communication. TEAM LinG - Live, Informative, Non-cost and Genuine ! 337
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Language and platform independent
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In the quest to build strong IP portfolios, many nanotech companies are filing as many provisional patent applications as possible. A provisional application is merely a description of the invention it is relatively inexpensive to file, does not require claims, is not examined, and cannot mature into a patent. Nevertheless, priority can still be claimed from the date of the provisional application by filing a nonprovisional application within one year from the provisional application s filing date. In the United States, patent protection is given to the first to invent. (Most other countries have adopted a first to file system). Generally, priority is awarded to the inventor that first reduces the invention to practice.18 Constructive reduction to practice takes place when a provisional is filed, even if the invention has not been fully tested. Thus, in order to establish priority over competitors working on similar technologies, it might be desirable to file provisional applications on new inventions before they are fully reduced to practice, their patentability assessed, and their market applications explored. Filing a provisional on an invention before it has been fully tested, however, might also increase the likehood of non-enablement of the claims of the patent.19 A nanotech company must be more selective in filing nonprovisional patent applications and pursuing issuance of patents. Prosecuting a nanotechnology patent can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Depending on the complexity, claims, and length of the application, filing fees can go as high as $1000.20 Attorneys fees for prosecuting nanotech patents are usually between $25,000 and $35,000.21 Therefore, in order to file a nonprovisional application and pursue issuance of a patent, a company must: (1) believe that the patent would be a valuable asset; and (2) be confident that it would be able to obtain and enforce the patent. First, a nanotech company must consider the value of the patent. In nanotechnology, firms are racing to develop large arsenals of intellectual property. An arsenal of patents can provide substantial leverage vis- -vis competitors. If a company s IP weaponry is more powerful than its competitors , it can become offensive and seek to squash its competitors or extract large royalties.22 A sizable and credible patent portfolio can also deter competitors from making charges of infringement or force competitors to enter into crosslicensing arrangements. In this competitive IP race, it may be advantageous to file as many patents as possible. The most valuable patents claim inventions that will be widely needed. Nevertheless, in this field, it appears that firms are filing patents claiming nearly everything from compositions to small, incremental improvements in manufacturing. Second, the company must be confident that filing would result in the issuance of a patent that could be enforced. In 5, we provided a brief
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8 at a Glance
Extending the Concept
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