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and property management information. In addition, any major issues should be addressed in this section. The underwriting sheet section provides an evaluation of the stability of the property by comparing prior period cash flows with the current cash flows. The net operating income of the property is examined to determine whether minimum DSCRs and LTV ratios are met. Two to three years worth of operating history data are also required if available, along with a current year-to-date income statement. All financial statements provided should be signed and certified as true and correct by the seller. Copies of the last three months rent rolls, along with a current rent roll, are also needed. Furthermore, a sample of a current lease should be made available to the lender. Finally, the maps and photos section should include maps of the general vicinity, a site plan showing the layout and building configuration, and floor plans of the units to be rented. Photos of the property exterior and interior, as well as the neighboring properties, are also essential. Furnishing a complete and thorough preliminary information package will enable the lender to expedite the processing of your loan in a timely and efficient manner. Once a lender or mortgage broker has completed a preliminary review of the loan documents and approved them, it is time to prepare a full loan application package. While pulling all of the necessary documentation together can be a rather tedious and laborious process, keep in mind what it is you are attempting to achieve and recognize that once you have submitted your application, you are well on your way to becoming an apartment owner. Following is a list of some of the items your lender will likely require at some point in the application process:
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Attracting and Retaining the Best Professionals
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3 Sensor Area Coverage
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decay. People have been injured by the falling matter coming from the very high ceiling. The place has a capacity of about 1500, but there were just around 890 people when I was there in the late 90s. It is closed now as a newer prison has taken its place with a capacity of about 515. Inmates were being transferred to the Federal Bureau of Prisons in order to transition over to the new facility because of its smaller size. Compared to the F .B.O.P the U.S.D.B. is really not that bad of a place to be. ., The U.S.D.B. has five different security levels it handles. Because of this, the old facility had a 40 foot wall around the entire place. The security levels are Maximum, Medium, Minimum Inside Only, Minimum, and Trustee. Once you get to Minimum you can live in a dorm and have a TV and stereo with cassette player, CD player, and of course a typewriter or word processor without disk drive. At one time computers were allowed, but not anymore. They got rid of them through attrition. I know of one person who had to hide a hard drive in his computer, as they were not permitted. He would turn it on and off in the system BIOS. The size of their manpower has shrunk along with the rest of the military and they claim they cannot maintain security of computers with the amount of personnel they have. You can also leave the wall and work outside as a Minimum with the supervision of a guard. As a Trustee, you live about a half mile from the prison. It s comparable to the Federal Prison Camp of the F .B.O.P They at one time could get a job in town, but that . was taken away. Now you are just able to work around Fort Leavenworth. You can also have a video game machine, go shopping every two weeks at the exchange on post, and receive packages from home. The other custody levels there are not worth mentioning. Military corrections is controlled by a Department of Defense directive and supplemented by each service s own regulations. Its system is set up quite similar to the feds old law. Up front an inmate gets an amount of good time based on their sentence length. A person with ten or more years of a sentence length gets a rate of ten days per month. Less than ten but more than five gets a rate of eight days per month. That amount of time keeps going down as you have less time. There is also extra good time one will receive for working on an assigned detail in the prison. The rate starts at one day per month for the first five months. It continues up the scale until you get to five days per month, which takes nearly two years to achieve. Those who become trustees will get up to seven days per month as long as they remain out there. And that is not the end of it. For special projects and such, it is possible to earn an additional five days per month. But nowadays it is very difficult to get any of those days due to the lock em up and throw away the key attitude. Those with life or on death row cannot receive any good time. Military inmates are also eligible for parole after serving one-third of their sentence for those with up to thirty years. Those with more than thirty or life are eligible after ten years. Death row inmates are not eligible for parole. Those who are granted parole
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Exhibit 4.3 Unethical Practices in Financial Reporting SEC Enforcement Divisiona Summary of Selected Cases and Alleged Violations Financial Disclosures Fiscal Year ended 1989 1997
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Caution You should add the same kind of checks to this template as to the previous one to make it robust. 27
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