Help construct Testers requirements traceability matrix (RTM) Peer-review requirements Develop test cases to verify requirements
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Constraints When a UPC program is translated in the dynamic THREADS environment and the type of the array is shared-quali ed but not inde nite layoutquali ed, the THREADS lvalue shall occur exactly once in one dimension of the array declarator (including through typedefs). Further, in such cases, the THREADS lvalue shall only occur either alone or when multiplied by a constant expression. Semantics 1. Elements of shared arrays are distributed in round-robin fashion, by chunks of block-size elements, such that the ith element has af nity with thread ( oor (i/block_size) mod THREADS). 2. In an array declaration, the type quali er applies to the elements. 3. For any shared array, a, upc_phaseof (&a) is zero.
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If you are going to use the automatic systems, be sure to record the charge each month to obtain an accurate balance. It is very important that you double-check the amount of the automatic payment.
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iii. Create an objectives hierarchy for the ATM system. iv. Develop a set of stakeholders requirements. Use the format of the Stakeholders Requirements Document and the taxonomy of four types of requirements from this chapter. Make every effort to develop as complete and unambiguous a set of stakeholders requirements for the operational phase as possible using only the information provided in the following scenarios. Then add three system-wide requirements and four quali cation requirements. Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) for Money Mart Corporation. The ATM system is to provide a cost-effective service to bank customers that is convenient, safe, and secure 24-hour access to a common set of banking transactions and reduce the cost of providing these basic transaction. The ATM system shall provide a number of the most common banking transactions (deposit, withdraw, transfer of funds, balance query) without involvement of bank personnel. The operational concept is comprised of a group of scenarios that are based upon the stakeholders requirements and relates to both the bank s customers and employees. Customer Scenarios 1. Customer makes deposits. a. Customer provides valid general identi cation information. b. ATM requests unique identi cation information. c. Customer enters unique identi cation information. d. ATM requests activity selection. e. Customer selects deposit. f. ATM requests account type. g. Customer identi es account type (i.e., savings, checking, bank credit card). h. ATM requests type of deposit (cash vs. check). i. Customer identi es type of deposit cash/check. j. ATM provides a means to physically insert cash/check into ATM. k. Customer enters deposit. ATM transmits the transaction to the main bank computer, gives customer receipt, returns to main menu. 2. Customer requests cash to be withdrawn from an account. a. Customer provides valid general identi cation information. b. ATM requests unique identi cation information. c. Customer enters unique identi cation information. d. ATM requests activity selection. e. Customer selects withdrawal. f. ATM requests account type.
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for study after study shows that value trumps growth over time. If you had invested $10,000 in large-company value stocks in 1974, you d have $639,200 in 2001, according to a well-respected research out t called the Leuthold Group. But pity the investor who put the same amount in bigname growth stocks: A $10,000 investment in 1974 would be worth just $405,500, a shortfall of nearly 37 percent. Value wins out among small and midsize companies, too. Another in uential study, conducted by, among others, Josef Lakonishok, a professor of nance at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, examined all the companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the American Stock Exchange between 1968 and 1990. Deep value stocks beat their growth-stock counterparts by an average of 10 percent per year over most ve-year periods. But performance isn t the only reason we like value investing. Buying cheap stocks requires a certain amount of discipline, and that can save even the most inexperienced investors from the biggest pitfall of impulse investing: themselves. All too often, investors let panic take over when the market starts to tank they sell when they should buy and they let greed tell them to buy when the market is climbing, which is just when they should sell. Most would-be growth moguls wind up selling off their winners too early and hanging on to their losers too long. According to a study of discount brokerage customers conducted by University of California, Davis nance professor Terry Odean, the stocks investors sold from 1987 to 1993 went on to outperform the stocks they held by more than three percentage points a year. People tend to get excited about growth stocks. They build up expectations, and they end up getting quite disappointed, Lakonishok says.
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Each successfully filled input item also has an associated set of shadow variables, which convey more information about the recognition result. A shadow variable is referenced using the scheme $name.shadowvar where name is the name of the form item variable, and shadowvar is the name of the shadow variable. For example, the confidence of the recognition can be accessed for a field whose name is size through the variable $size.confidence. The defined shadow variables for a field called example are given in Table 16.5. VoiceXML also defines the application.lastresult$ array that holds information about the last recognition result to occur within the application. Each element of this array application.lastresult$[i] has the same properties as defined for the shadow variables, e.g. application.lastresult$[i].utterance. The interpretations are ordered based on the confidence property, from highest to lowest. The maximum number of array entries is governed by the maxnbest property (defined in Table 16.4). This array allows the application author to access the N -best recognition results and not just simply the best one which was automatically used to fill the form item variable. As a convenience, application.lastresult$ evaluates to the first element,
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Describing Members of a Set
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The SetPriorityClass function lets the caller change the priority class for all the threads of a process. The function starts by converting its hProcess parameter into a PPROCESS_DATABASE pointer. Using the pointer, the function determines the process's current priority class. If it's the same as the new priority class, the function bails out because there's nothing to be done. If the new priority class is different from the previous class, SetPriorityClass plugs the default value for the new priority class into the BasePriority field of the process database. But wait, there's more! Earlier, I mentioned that the notion of process priority classes is just an illusion, since the VMM scheduler concerns itself only with threads, and not with processes. To bridge the two views of priority levels, SetPriorityClass loops through each of the threads in the process and calls into VWIN32.VXD to set the new priority for each thread. There's one slight twist to note here. Threads can have priorities that differ slightly from the default class priority. This difference is kept in the "DeltaPriority" field of the thread database (we'll look at this field later). SetPriorityClass has to take into account each thread's priority delta when calculating the new priority value for the thread. The CalculateNewPriority function (just described) does this calculation.
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Preparing the property when it is vacant Emergency maintenance Routine and preventive maintenance
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