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Pitch limitations: 14 45 32 mm TimberStrand LSL V-cut shear blocking or TJI blocking panel
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held reverse-engineering of software to constitute fair use101 under certain circumstances. For the most part, copyright protection will have limited importance for nanotech companies. However, copyright protection is often available for documents of original authorship, such as technical manuals, training materials and the like. Additionally, as explained in 1, computational nanotechnology is critical to development of technologies. Nearly all research and development programs involve sophisticated software. In many cases, the company will want to protect its software. Although software programs are eligible for patent protection, the costs of filing patents combined with the disadvantages of publishing may dissuade companies from patenting their software. Therefore, many nanotech companies will seek to copyright software. A company is not required to register copyrights in order to be protected under copyright law.102 A company cannot sue for infringement, however, until the copyright has been registered.103 To register a copyright, the copyright owner submits an application and fee and deposits the required copies of the work with the United States Copyright Office.
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Part VI Troubleshooting
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Enhancements to Ethernet Media Access Control for Gigabit Ethernet
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Immunization in athletes
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The ability to design larger spans for attic trusses without internal support has been made possible by the development of a method for localised stiffening of the oor joist or the sloping ceiling rafter. The method involves plating two pieces of timber edge-to-edge within the truss to stiffen the highly stressed areas; this avoids having to use larger timbers throughout the truss or resort to the use of scabs , bolted or nailed to the side of the truss top chords. All plate system manufacturers employ this technique, variously called: Superchord (Gang-Nail), Stackchord (MiTek), Wolfchord (Wolf Systems) and Twinachord (Alpine). There are undoubtedly many advantages: Saving in timber volume: saving in truss weight and cost. Saving in timber thickness: more trusses on the lorry load and the use of standard truss clips. Saving in not having to t scabs: only one thickness to be birdsmouthed on site rather than truss plus scabs. Automatically increases the depth of the rafter sloping-ceiling section, thus enabling easy accommodation of insulation and ventilation (see Fig. 12.7). Figure 7.12 illustrates Gang-Nail s Superchord plating for various uses.
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examples of your work, and be prepared to talk about them in great detail. Tailor the examples to the expected needs of the prospect. Discuss the unique philosophical approach your organization employs when delivering services and how it benefits clients. Remember that prospects use the vendor evaluation process to attempt to mitigate risk while also maximizing return on investment and look good in the process. LEAD EVALUATION AND APPROVAL. After the in-person meeting, you should have enough information about the prospect and his or her needs to determine whether there is a potentially good fit between your organizations. Can your organization serve the prospect successfully and profitably Is there an opportunity for a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship Depending on the nature of your business, this decision could have huge implications. When talking about large-scale information technology projects, for example, the upfront investment can be significant. Sarah Casalan, vice president of IT at Ecko Unlimited and former Accenture consultant, comments, Sometimes we want to see a free proof-of-concept, on a small scale, before we re willing to move forward on a project. In these scenarios, firms need to have a solid understanding of the opportunity before making such an upfront investment. The following questions help determine an answer: Does the prospect fit in the firm s sweet spot If not, how far on the periphery is it What is the history of the relationship between the firm and the buyer What is the prospect s history in dealing with service vendors Is the prospect a veteran, successful user of services or notorious for squeezing vendors What are the prospect s future plans Is the prospect on a growth trajectory or simply protecting market share Ultimately, the decision to move forward or not with the prospect relies on a variety of internal and external factors. The wise firm will walk away from a project for an attractive, strong brand name company that will bring a significant dose of favorable publicity along with it when there are too many warning signs price sensitivity, low perceived value of outside vendors, no decision maker, and zero growth plans. The presence of several negative factors will turn an otherwise attractive prospect unattractive. Alternatively, firms also make the decision to take on projects as loss leaders because the prospect has the characteristics of a profitable long-term client, yet needs tangible evidence in the way of a small project to understand the value of the firm. PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT. It s usually time to develop a proposal after:
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Installing an employee pool ranking system is one of the most critical things that must be accomplished to effectively grow the quality of your resource pool. One possible process for establishing a resource pool ranking system is as follows: 1. Develop an individual performance appraisal system that provides each individual employee and you at a minimum with the following:
This is the single most important factor in your 401(k) plan. After all, company contributions are what make these plans the best retire-
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