12: Winning Single-Table Tournaments in .NET

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This array of 64 DWORDs is a parallel array to the primary TLS array at offset 98h in the thread database. Each DWORD in this array corresponds to a TLS index value, and each contains the EIP where the corresponding TLS indexed value was last set from. The EIP value is retrieved from the stack frame set up by TlsSetValue. A final note on the thread database: There's more than one way to get a pointer to a thread database. Besides the XOR'ing trick I alluded to earlier, each Win16 task database also contains a pointer to a thread database. At offset 54h in a Winl6 task database is the linear address of the thread database for the task/process's first thread.
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Hank has found that he has a lot to offer others now that he has been clean from drugs for several years. At work, he is now in position to help junior employees learn the trade. There is one young man who has sought out Hank s advice about how to improve his work skills, and Hank shares all that he can. At home, he has found time to be an active participant in his apartment complex s tenant association. And recently he became a Big Brother volunteer to Adam, who is a teen who reminds Hank a great deal of what he was like when he was younger. He spends time on Saturday with Adam shooting hoops or just walking and talking, responding to what Adam needs at the time. Hank reflects on how he has become a role model for others and on the fact that people really respect him now. He feels fantastic about himself today because he can see that his life makes a difference in the world, and it does not cost him much, except his time.
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 Business maturity. Business responsiveness, strategic alignment,
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<xsl:template match="node()|@ " mode="align with" name="align with"> <xsl:param name="align" select="'left'" /> <xsl:param name="string" select="normalize space()" /> <xsl:param name="pad chars" select="' '"/> <xsl:param name="pad length" select="string length($string)" /> <xsl:variable name="padding"> <xsl:call template name="padding"> <xsl:with param name="pad chars" select="$pad chars" /> <xsl:with param name="pad length" select="$pad length" /> </xsl:call template> </xsl:variable> <xsl:call template name="align"> <xsl:with param name="string" select="$string" /> <xsl:with param name="align" select="$align" /> <xsl:with param name="padding" select="$padding" /> </xsl:call template> </xsl:template>
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The Back Office: Efficient Firm Operations
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ThunkSS16 94h DWORD This DWORD contains yet another selector value used for thunking. In some threads, it matches the value in the StackSelectorl6 field (offset 1Eh), while in other threads it has the same value as the CurrentSS field (offset 8Ch). 98h DWORD TLSArray[64]
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