Part II: Taking Your Poker to a New Level The Cyber Level in .NET

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4. Collective functions may not be called between upc_notify and the corresponding upc_wait. 5. The last argument of each collective function is the variable sync_mode of type upc_ ag_t. Values of sync_mode are formed by or-ing together a constant of the form UPC_IN_XSYNC and a constant of the form UPC_OUT_ YSYNC, where X and Y may be NO, MY, or ALL. If sync_mode has the value (UPC_IN_XSYNC j UPC_OUT_YSYNC), then if X is  NO the collective function may begin to read or write data when the rst thread has entered the collective function call  MY the collective function may begin to read or write only data which has af nity to threads that have entered the collective function call  ALL the collective function may begin to read or write data only after all threads have entered the collective function call2 and if Y is the collective function may read and write data until the last thread has returned from the collective function call  MY the collective function call may return in a thread only after all reads and writes of data with af nity to the thread are complete3  ALL the collective function call may return only after all reads and writes of data are complete4 UPC_IN_XSYNC alone is equivalent to (UPC_IN_XSYNC j UPC_OUT_ ALLSYNC), UPC_OUT_XSYNC alone is equivalent to (UPC_IN_ALLSYNC j UPC_OUT_XSYNC), and 0 is equivalent to (UPC_IN_ALLSYNC j UPC_ OUT_ALLSYNC), where X is NO, MY, or ALL. Forward reference: upc_ ag_t (4.1.2). 4 4.1 COLLECTIVES LIBRARY Standard Header  NO
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Thinking on the Web: Berners-Lee, G del, and Turing, by H. Peter Alesso and Craig F. Smith o Copyright 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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11.5 Multiple orthographies
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provide direct assistance in performing the independent auditor s work.8 Thus based on the independent auditor s judgment, the internal auditing staff may offer valuable assistance during the audit. In order to appraise the corporate audit plan effectively, the audit committee should give consideration to the following criteria9: The authority and responsibility for each segment of the corporate audit plan should be clearly defined. The chief financial officer should acknowledge his or her general support for the plan to avoid opposition during the course of the internal and external auditing engagements. The internal and external resources available for the audit function should be adequate and properly allocated. The plan should be realistic against the conditions of the business and its industry. The plan should be realistic and consistent with the goals and objectives as expressed in the corporate audit policy statement. The scope of the audit plans should be defined and explicit to avoid any duplication of auditing effort. The general criteria used to identify areas subject to audit should be explicit (e.g., What is the auditing firm s policy on materiality ). The plan should incorporate any applicable resolutions as a result of the board of directors and stockholders meetings as well as take into account related matters of the other standing committees, such as the finance committee. The extent of auditing work should be reasonable in relationship to the quality of the internal control system. Also, the time associated with each audit plan should be reasonable in relation to the size and complexity of the entity s operations and organizational structure. An analysis of the costs and benefits of the auditing resources should be made (e.g., What is the desirability of allocating more financial auditing work to the internal audit staff and reducing the audit time of the independent auditors ).
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Vendor negotiations can be daunting, difficult, and exhausting experiences. However, they are an unavoidable part of the selection process and have to be managed carefully to ensure the best pricing and terms. As a senior management acquaintance of ours once remarked, Every customer gets the vendors that they deserve.
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6: Translating Between Similar Structures Changing names based on levels A common problem in mapping from document oriented vocabularies to HTML is that HTML uses numbered headings to indicate the depth of a section whereas other document oriented vocabularies often use nested sections instead (or as well). In DocBook, for example, the title subelement of a section element holds the heading of a section, and the depth of the section element in the hierarchy indicates the level of the heading. When you translate from a DocBook section into an HTML heading, you need to work out the depth of the title element. You can calculate the depth by counting how many section elements there are above it:
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As mentioned earlier, the phone line used by the COCOT is just a regular line. It is usually exposed near the COCOT itself. For those of you with a lineman s handset, need I say more For those without, let me just quickly say, get your hands on one.
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Wasatch Core Growth 800-551-1700/WGROX There s a chance this fund may be closed to new investors when you read this. But it has closed and then reopened in the past (it usually stops taking in money when its assets hit the $1 billion mark or so), so we ve included it in this chapter because we think it bears watching. Sam Stewart is the lead manager of the fund, and he s been at the helm since 1986. But the success of this fund a 22 percent ve-year record, which ranks in the top 2 percent of all growth funds rests with the team of managers behind it. For whenever they catch a whiff of an interesting small company, four of ve of them will meet with management trying to uncover any weakness. For weeks, or even months, Stewart and his cohorts keep probing and prodding, trying to assess the executives leadership skills, experience, and strategy. Using historical nancial data and the information pulled from interviews, Stewart s team builds models to estimate each company s future growth and reliability. Yet it s the visits and calls, insists Stewart, that bring the most critical information to the surface. After 25 years of running his own investment shop, he says, You start to get a feeling as to whether the executives are straight shooters. Are they making sense Does their strategy Does their story add up And the interviews don t stop once a company is in the portfolio. Since few Wall Street analysts cover the small companies the Wasatch fund buys, Stewart and his team continue to hound the executives, making sure they re on track. Doing so has helped them dodge more than a few bullets. But it s the timeliness of their picks like Rent-A-Center, one of the fund s largest holdings, which shot up 95 percent from 2000 to late 2001 that makes the fund one of the best among its small-cap blend peers. It has gained about 18 percent annually for 10 years, beating the S&P 500 and 9 out of 10 of its rivals. Keep an eye on Wasatch Micro Cap (WMICX), too. The fund won high marks in our screen for consistent, strong returns and low volatility. It was closed to investors at this writing, but could reopen later. Fremont U.S. Micro-Cap 800-548-4539/FUSMX Of all the small-cap funds we ve pro led here, this may be the most volatile. That s because manager Robert Kern focuses on micro-cap com-
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then why not just let Open Source die If the fools in the Open Source movement didn t get the message when all the dot-coms that were giving stuff away died off, why not let them find out for themselves Isn t that how markets work The problem is that Mundie doesn t seem to think that the deeply f lawed Open Source Software business model is going to fail. In his scenario, Open Source can only be a threat to the vitality of the independent software industry if it succeeds. Mundie seems to believe that there is a real possibility that it may do so. Otherwise, why sound the warning But if it succeeds, then the business model, by def inition, can t be deeply f lawed, even if it puts everybody else out of business. Isn t that what Microsoft did in the operating system market And the browser market And the office applications market Ninety percent of the personal computers sold worldwide are equipped at the factory with a Microsoft operating system. Over 95 percent of personal computers sold to businesses are equipped with a Microsoft operating system, a set of Microsoft Office applications, and a Microsoft browser. Was it a problem that Microsoft put so many other software vendors out of business, and may eliminate more soon Has Microsoft s near-total domination of some of the most critically important software markets threatened the continued vitality of the independent software sector In a free market, success is its own justification. The winners need not apologize. The losers can try again. Viability s not a permanent appointment, even for a monopoly.
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Inadequate carbohydrate intake According to sports nutrition guidelines, an athlete s carbohydrate intake should meet the fuel requirements of training and competition and the restoration of muscle glycogen content between training sessions (Burke et al. 2004). Chronic depletion of muscle glycogen stores because of the failure to consume adequate carbohydrate is likely to lead to a perception of fatigue and an impaired ability to train (Costill et al. 1988; Achten et al. 2004). Table 20.3 summarizes factors underpinning inadequate carbohydrate intake, noting athletes who are at risk as a result of the presence of one or more of these factors. The muscle content of glycogen can be measured using both invasive (muscle biopsy) and non-invasive (magnetic resonance spectroscopy) techniques. Although these techniques allow the assessment of an athlete s muscle glycogen stores, they have limited value in the diagnosis of inadequate carbohydrate intake and chronic glycogen depletion in an athlete. The muscle biopsy is a medical procedure that can cause discomfort and some degree of medical risk. Both techniques involve reasonable expense, the need for specialized equipment and technical expertise; as such they are con ned to the realms of research to monitor changes in muscle glycogen in response to various interventions. If used in a clinical situation they would presumably be able to provide a single snapshot of an athlete s glycogen stores which may have little relevance to daily training situations. A diagnosis of inadequate carbohydrate intake must be made from several pieces of information which together provide support for this diagnosis. An assessment of the training and competition program and the estimated energy and fuel cost of this activity should be undertaken. The usual dietary patterns of the athlete should also be investigated to estimate energy intake, total carbohydrate intake, and the strategic intake of carbohydrate in relation to training and competition (i.e., before, during, and after sessions). Finally, feedback from performance in training and competition should be considered, especially when interventions, such as changes in carbohydrate intake and changes in training, are implemented. The presence of risk
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