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There is nothing new about mobile radio. As we have seen, radio at its beginning was a wireless message service. By 1922, there were experiments with re and police mobile radio. By the mid 1930s, mobile radio broadcast receivers were appearing in cars.15 Mobile telephony for the general public slowly grew, and became less expensive and clumsy to use. Eventually a service emerged that would be recognizable today, except that the handheld telephone was considerably larger. These services used analog frequency modulation, worked at either 400 or 800 MHz, and were cellular, meaning that many transmitters covered small patches of land and the user was handed off from one to the other as he moved around. In the United States, the system was called AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System), and it was one of the last contributions of the old Bell System. Various similar systems, the so-called First Generation systems, appeared in the rest of the world at the same time. In Scandinavia it was the NMT (Nordic Mobile Telephone) system, which entered operation in 1981 as the world s rst cellular system. Although these systems were analog, they played an important role in acquainting the public with the virtues of a simple mobile telephone system. The area in the world with the fastest growth was Scandinavia. The explosion of public interest in mobile telephony came with the digital Second Generation. The cutting edge was in Europe and the system was the GSM one16 that we still use today. First tests were carried out in 1986 and GSM began to be installed in the mid-1990s. Public use of mobile telephony grew dramatically with GSM for several reasons. In part, digital telephony was inherently more ef cient and it adapted easily to other services such as email. High-frequency radio and digital circuitry were dropping rapidly in price and size in any case. And GSM offered for the rst time a more subtle advantage: roaming. Because it was uni ed over many countries and now over much of the world and because its software procedures made identi cation of visiting telephones easy, people could roam over much of the Earth and use the same telephone. All these factors combined to make a very attractive product, and public use of mobile telephones doubled in the rst years of the Second Generation. In some countries now there are more mobile users than xed users. In a sense that has not previously existed, public telecommunication has achieved mobility. The Second Generation had a more dif cult birth in North America because it fractured into three incompatible technologies. Roaming is thus harder. This has delayed the step upward to higher public use, but it should arrive in time. The success of GSM shows the critical role of standardization in the success of a new technology. More often, standardization is imposed by a monopoly company, as
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An established community reputation (or public reputability) is a valuable but intangible asset for brick-and-mortar businesses. However, it proves hard to establish a comparable asset in the realm of online Web business, at least without broad brand recognition. Business reputation may be assessed by interpreting formal records such as registration, tax history, share performance, and published analysis, but such investigation and evaluation is nontrivial. Bit 3.17 A trusted identity can be veri able yet remain essentially unknown
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Joyce, a 36-year-old woman who was trying to overcome a problem with Xanax (alprazolam), had found that things were going quite well in her life. She had a much better relationship with her children since she stopped using the Xanax, work was much easier than before, and she was dating a person who seemed much nicer than the others she had dated before she quit the drugs. It was not always easy, though. When she first stopped, she felt so anxious that she thought her insides were going to shake out, and she found herself alternating between being really irritable and being really tearful. After a while, her moods leveled out and she began to experience great satisfaction in her life. That joy scared her and she thought about using again because she was not sure how to cope with this experience of joy. In some ways she felt guilty about feeling so good after feeling numb for so long. Today, she is grateful to have that joy, and all the other emotions including the not-so-good ones, because they remind her that she is alive instead of numb.
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Case Study 3 Facts An entity commenced business on January 1, 20X6, with an opening share capital of $2 million. The income statement and closing balance sheet follow:
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Although not quite the fortress of solitude, this basic phone was fairly well guarded. The handset was unscrewable, which was a boon to vandals but yielded little hacking opportunity. On certain models you could place a wire (paper clip, bobby pin, etc.) through the mouthpiece and then ground the other end to a conductive part (usually the coin return) of the phone. If done properly, it yielded a dial tone. I d like to know how somebody stumbled across that one. Another similar stunt was to edge a piece of gum wrapper foil under the back right seam and slide it slowly up and down until you shorted out some essential wires, yielding a dial tone. I do recall getting a rather nasty shock while performing this maneuver on a rainy day. A great deal of effort went into securing the phone itself but the wiring was often exposed. I believe it was a three pair line, but I don t know how many wires were essential. One pair carried a fairly high voltage to operate a coin drop solenoid in the bottom of the phone. Your cash was held in limbo above the coin box. If your call was completed the money was dumped into the box or diverted to the coin return if the call was incomplete. I once witnessed a lineman shorting two posts at the junction box and yielding a load of change from a clogged chute. He told me he was often sent out to repair a phone that simply had a full coin box. He also said the company security guys sometimes planted UV dyed coins in the upper end of the phone to try and catch their repair personnel stealing. I was never able to repeat his performance and yet I once again got a memorable electric shock for my efforts. Some talented folks were able to momentarily short two of the wires to get a free local call. A bar in my neighborhood had a doorbell rigged to the line for that purpose. They maintained a Bell System employee who hung out there had installed it. It was rumored you could achieve the same effect by piercing the insulation with a pin. The phones were hardened against attack, but they were often easily pried from their moorings. If one was stolen, however, it took a serious effort to get it open, which discouraged your average impatient thief. People were known to clog the coin return and return later to unstuff it and reap their reward. This led to the retrofit of a coin return hopper that was not so readily plugged up. The blue and red boxes opened up a world of possibilities for payphone aficionados. There was a much simpler device that predates them and was pretty good at yielding a free connection for the caller. Sometimes referred to as the brown box, it was a capacitor/ resistor combination placed across the receiving end phone line. By absorbing the voltage surge when the phone was answered, the payphone believed the connection was never completed and returned the money when you hung up. Not as facile as a tone box, it was
Consider having your application and policy and procedures done in other languages that are dominant in your area. In California, having an application and letting the applicants know what is expected in Spanish really helps. In other areas, other languages may make sense.
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