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Over the past year there has been a great deal of publicity concerning the actions of computer hackers. Since we began publishing in 1984 we ve pointed out cases of hackers being unfairly prosecuted and victimized. We wish we could say things were getting better but we cannot. Events of recent months have made it painfully clear that the authorities, above all else, want to send a message. That message of course being that hacking is not good. And there seems to be no limit as to how far they will go to send that message. And so we come to the latest chapter in this saga: the sentencing of three hackers in Atlanta, Georgia on November 16. The three, Robert Riggs (The Prophet), Frank Darden, Jr. (The Leftist), and Adam Grant (The Urville) were members of the Legion of Doom, one of the country s leading hacker groups. Members of LOD were spread all over the world but there was no real organization, just a desire to learn and share information. Hardly a gang of terrorists, as the authorities set out to prove. The three Atlanta hackers had pleaded guilty to various charges of hacking, particularly concerning SBDN (the Southern Bell Data Network, operated by Bell South). Supposedly Riggs had accessed SBDN and sent the now famous 911 document to Craig Neidorf for publication in Phrack. Earlier this year, Bell South valued the document at nearly $80,000. However, during Neidorf s trial, it was revealed that the document was really worth $13. That was enough to convince the government to drop the case. But Riggs, Darden, and Grant had already pleaded guilty to accessing Bell South s computer. Even though the facts in the Neidorf case showed the world how absurd Bell
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Max H. Bazerman and Margaret A. Neale, Negotiating Rationally (New York: Free Press, 1992). Robert B. Cialdini, Inf luence: The Psychology of Persuasion (Quill, 1993). Roger Fisher and William Ury, Getting to Yes (New York: Penguin Books, 1991). J. Edward Russo and Paul J. H. Schoemaker, Decision Traps (New York: Fireside, 1989). Richard H. Thaler, The Winner s Curse (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1994).
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producing properties such as apartment buildings. We have already determined that value is a function of net operating income (NOI) and is directly driven by the property s ability to generate income. Assuming a capitalization rate of 10 percent, we know that the apartment building should have been producing $200,000 of net operating income: Cap rate = Price = NOI price
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companies will brag about the key length, etc. The only data Blackboard gives about the encryption is that the keys can be changed automatically at any interval from the AP . For the longest time at my college if an off-campus food joint wanted to have the student be able to use their school cards to pay for food, they had to pay for an expensive leased line that connected them to the school. It s my guess that this was the RS485 line or something similar. Recently (in the last six months) my college offered cheap (less than $300) boxes to nearby pizza joints that would allow for payment with a school card. These boxes were simply card readers with modems installed, much like a credit card validator. These modems are dialing the NP directly! Major security risk! The infrastructure ends up like this. All the devices in a building send their lines into one place in the building. This is where multiplexers exist that split the main RS485 drop line up into slices for each reader. These multiplexers also can boost the power of the main drop line, letting it travel longer distances. They can be stored in a locked networking closet or in these big metal cabinets on the wall of a room. AT&T called these MW/MHWMENC Wall Mount Enclosures. This metal box has a handle and a lock, but the front of the handle and lock assembly has four flathead screws. I used a cheap metal knife and opened this locked box. Inside I found the LCM (Laundry Center Multiplexes) that controlled the laundry room I was in. Everything had AT&T CampusWide Access Solution written on it, as well as lots of Motorola chips. Sadly, this was early in my investigation, and I haven t gone back to look again. The drop lines coming to the building can be traced back all the way to the building that houses the NP There the NP interfaces with the AP to approve or deny transactions. .
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// Save away the current PSP segment for the previous thread. prevTDBX->DosPDBSeg = Get_Set_Real_DOS_PSP( ECX=0, EBX = Get_Sys_VM_Handle() );
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Answer: (c) 5. The following equity relates to an entity operating in a hyperinflationary economy:
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The sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation (including the professional corporation and subchapter S corporation), the limited partnership, and the LLC are the most commonly used business forms. Other forms exist, such as the so-called Massachusetts business trust, in which the business is operated by trustees for the benefit of beneficiaries who hold transferable shares. But these are generally used for limited, specialized purposes. Armed with this knowledge and the comparative factors discussed previously, how should our budding entrepreneurs operate their businesses
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forward set. A randomly selects the rst node S 1 from its neighbors. Suppose the current selected node is S i . If the bulged slice of S i is nonempty then the next node S i +1 is the farthest anticlockwise rotation of the bulged slice of S i . In the example in Figure 2.15b, S i +1 is such node inside the bulged slice of S i . If there is no node in the bulged slice of S i then S i +1 is the nearest anticlockwise rotation, see Figure 2.15c for an example. The selection of forwarding set is complete at S m if either S m is inside the bulged slice of S 1 or S 1 is inside the bulged slice of S m . Authors prove that the slice-based broadcasting algorithm can achieve 100% delivery in a collision-free network (Khabbazian and Bhargava, 2008b).
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changes in the work of breathing. Similarly, the rate of rise of the subject s perception of both respiratory and limb discomfort were markedly reduced with unloading and increased with respiratory muscle loading. These signi cant effects of respiratory muscle unloading on exercise performance are consistent with the deleterious effects of fatiguing the respiratory muscles on subsequent exercise performance.
All XM signals are received by all XM radios. There are currently no means of spot beaming signals to only local areas (as DirecTV does to offer local channels). This means there can be no generic activation signal, etc. It must be personalized to your radio ID (on the bottom of the radio). This eats up more bandwidth. Since all radios receive the same signal, all radios use the same decryption keys. From the other end, you could say that based on the limited bandwidth XM has (which we will discuss later), they can t transmit the same channel at
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