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When Call Intercept is activated, anonymous callers trying to reach you will hear an announcement explaining what Call Intercept is. Then they will be prompted to record their name. They can also enter a four-digit override code to bypass Call Intercept (more on this later). At this point your phone will ring with a distinctive pattern and your Caller ID display will notify you that it is a Call Intercept call. During this time, and until you decide how to handle the call, the caller will hear hold music. When you pick up the phone you will hear, Someone is waiting to speak with you. For more information, press 1. You will then hear the caller s name as they have recorded it and you will have the options of accepting the call, denying the call, playing a sales call refusal to the caller, or sending the call to your Home Voice Mail, if you subscribe to
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Include control and packet channels for packet data. For BER of 10-3 one coding layer (inner) of convolutional type, and for BER of 10-6 coding layers (Inner and outer) of both types. Packet data can have soft or hard handover Hard handover Hard handover With about 4 dB tolerances. Parallel services in individual packet data channels, as well as multiple services combines combined in a single channel. RS is the minimum receivable signal level.
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Roof Construction and Loft Conversion
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Exhibit 5.6 (Continued)
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Early Stage Financing
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presence of a mutant HCM gene (Maron et al. 2003). Echocardiography would also be expected to detect congenital structural abnormalities, such as valvular heart disease, aortic root dilatation, and mitral valve prolapse in Marfan syndrome, and LV dysfunction and enlargement. However, even such diagnostic testing cannot itself guarantee identi cation of all important lesions (i.e., congenital coronary artery anomalies or ARVC; Maron et al. 1996b). Thus, cost-ef ciency and practical issues are important when assessing the feasibility of screening large athletic populations. Preparticipation history and cardiac examination of competitive athletes The AHA consensus recommendations for the preparticipation cardiac examination include a medical history inquiring about: 1 Exertional symptoms including chest discomfort, syncope, dyspnea, and fatigue; 2 Past cardiac murmurs, hypertension, or cardiac diagnoses; and 3 A family history of sudden death or of any of the conditions known to be associated with sudden death. The physical examination should include: 1 Brachial artery blood pressure measurement; 2 Precordial auscultation with the athlete supine and standing; 3 Simultaneous palpation of the radial and femoral pulses to exclude coarctation; and 4 An assessment for stigmata of Marfan syndrome. The athletic screening should be performed by a certi ed health care worker with the requisite training, medical skills, and background to reliably obtain a detailed cardiovascular history, perform a physical examination, and recognize heart disease. Despite the limitations of the history and physical examination in detecting CAD in older athletes (over 35 years), a personal history of coronary risk factors or a family history of premature ischemic heart disease may be useful for identifying that disease with screening and therefore should be performed before initiating competitive exercise. In addition, it is prudent to selectively perform medically supervised exercise stress testing in men
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Wiley IFRS: Practical Implementation Guide and Workbook Personal accident Provides compensation arising out of the death, permanent or temporary total disability of the insured, the family of the insured, or the employees of a business. Such death or disability is restricted to certain accidents and does not provide the wider cover available from the life insurance industry. Motor Provides indemnity for loss of or damage to the insured motor vehicle. The cover is normally on an all-risks basis providing a wide scope of cover following an accident or a theft of the vehicle but the insured can select restricted forms of cover such as cover for fire and theft only. The critical accounting judgements made in applying the group s accounting policies relate to the estimation of the ultimate liability arising from claims made under insurance contracts. The group s estimate for reported and unreported losses are continually reviewed and updated, and adjustments resulting from this review are reflected in the income statement. The process relies upon the basic assumption that past experience adjusted for the effect of current developments are likely trends, is an appropriate basis for predicting future events. Maintenance Contracts Maintenance contracts are offered to customers in the equipment, industrial distribution, and motor segments. The contracts are managed internally through ongoing contract performance reviews, review of costs, and regular fleet inspections. Risks arising from maintenance contracts include component lives, component failure, and cost of labour. The contracts consist of a variety of forms but generally include cover for regular maintenance as well as for repairs due to breakdowns and component failure which is not covered by manufacturer s warranties or other external maintenance plans. The amounts above include the estimated portion of contracts that meet the definition of an insurance contract. Revenue is recognised on the percentage of completion method based on the anticipated cost of repairs over the life cycle of the equipment/vehicles. Financial risk mainly relates to credit risk but credit quality of customers is generally considered to be good and similar to the rest of the group s operations. Risks are spread over a large diversity of customers, fleets of equipment and vehicles, and geographically in southern Africa, Iberia, United Kingdom, and the United States. Guaranteed Residual Values Guaranteed residual values on repurchase commitments are periodically given with the sale of equipment/vehicles in the equipment, industrial distribution, and motor segments. The principal risk relates to the likelihood of the repurchase commitments being exercised by the customer, which is dependent on the used equipment and vehicle market conditions at the time when the repurchase option is exercisable as well as terms of the repurchase agreements regarding age and condition of the equipment/vehicles. Risks are spread over a large diversity of customers and geographically in southern Africa, Iberia, United Kingdom, and the United States. The likelihood of the repurchase commitments being exercised is assessed at inception as well as on an ongoing basis and determines the accounting applied. The charge to customers for the repurchase commitment is generally included in the sales price at the time of sale and is not measured separately. Refer to Note 31 for the gross value of repurchase commitments.
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NNTP is much more than a protocol for news clients, it s also how NNTP servers communicate with each other. An NNTP server will have at least one other server connected to it at all times, although it is not uncommon for it to be linked to three or four other servers. Whenever your site receives a post from a local user it is quickly passed on to the other servers using the IHAVE command. Your server is constantly receiving news from the other servers with the IHAVE command also. IHAVE is the way news is replicated throughout the Internet. Here is a conversation that takes place between two servers to successfully replicate an article: RECV: SEND: RECV: SEND: IHAVE <> <CRLF> 335 send article to be transferred. End with <CR-LF>.<CR-LF> [Server sends the article ending with a period on a line by itself] 235 article transferred OK <CR-LF>
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