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approach to the whole process. Evaluating SOA as a possibility still includes multiple opportunities to jettison the project with minimal impact on the business. Once the adoption process has begun, however, considerable resources are brought into play and other projects and initiatives are potentially impacted. For this reason, it is important that requirements are clearly spelled out, along with the criteria for success and the mechanisms in place for calculating the relative value or bene t provided by SOA.
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Why Won t They Leave Me Alone
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The Art of Intrusion
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2 Personify by assuming that the actors are alive and conducting a walkthrough/review with business users, developers and testers.
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found at the same address in KERNEL32.DLL. Likewise, GlobalFree and LocalFree are the same function. Later, in the pseudocode for the functions, I'll point out any differences. In examining Windows 95's implementation, I've found that the common Global/Local functions are referred to by the Local name. I'll follow that convention as well. One existing code base that makes extensive use of the Win32 local heap functions is the Win16 components of Windows 95. Windows 95's USER and GDI are still in 16-bit code segments, but in many cases use 32-bit pointers for items such as HWNDs, menus, and GDI objects. These objects are kept in Win32 local heaps that reside immediately above the USER and GDI DGROUP segments in memory. 4 contains more information about the exact layout. The important thing in terms of memory management is that KRNL386 exports 16-bit functions that call up into KERNEL32 to use the Win32 Local heap functions. For instance, the undocumented K209 function (KRNL386 export 209) thunks up to KERNEL32's LocalAlloc function. The 16-bit USER and GDI call K209 to allocate memory for windows, device contexts, and so forth. Likewise, a similar function (K211) calls KERNEL32's LocalFree function.
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You can usually request re-buys by clicking on the chip tray (or the action button for buying chips see 3 for more about control buttons). If you bust out, your site automatically offers you a dialog to ask if you want to re-buy before summarily kicking you out of your seat. The re-buy debate is largely a matter of choice. When the time comes to make the actual decision, consider the situation at the table. If you re sitting at a table with a generally sub-standard level of play, and the average chip stack isn t out of sight, you typically get good value for your money if you re-buy, because you have a legitimate chance at growing your stack and snagging some of those old chips back. If, however, play seems tough or your re-buy still leaves you uncomfortably under-stacked (often due to plenty of wild play followed by many re-buys at the table), you should quit and try another day. Here are two schools of thought on when to re-buy: Re-buy when your stack is about 30 percent of the largest on your table. The underlying thought is that when you do get a good hand, you need to have firepower in the form of chips to back it up. This strategy has merit, particularly in no-limit games, because when you have a good hand, you want absolutely as much return as you can get on your hand. No-limit allows you to bet large, increasing your return. Wait until you lose your entire stack before you re-buy. You may get on a hot streak and not need to re-buy. For another, great power comes with being all-in. After you put the rest of your money in the pot, you can t be bluffed out and you get to see the remaining cards for free. And if people fight with each other while you patiently wait to the end, all the better the hand that could beat you may get bet out by another player.
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Downloadable Issues Log*
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// Release the heap semaphore. x_hpReleaseSem( hHeap, dwFlags ); // If the HEAP GENERATE_EXCEPTIONS flag is set in the heap header // or dwFlags param, make a STATUS_NO_MEMORY exception. if ( (hHeap->flags | dwFlags) & HEAP_GENERATE_EXCEPTIONS x_RaiseException( STATUS_NO_MEMORY, return 0; 0, 1, &dwBytes );
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Transmission rates
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RDF Statements:
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One of the more dramatic changes in the USER subsystem of Windows 95 (as compared to prior versions) is how window messages are passed around. I call the code that posts, sends, and processes messages the messaging system. The best news about the Windows 95 messaging system is that it eliminates the synchronous nature of messaging for Win32 applications. In 16-bit Windows, only one task at a time can execute. That task has to explicitly give up control by calling one of the messaging APIs. Typically, a task yields by calling GetMessage or PeekMessage in its main loop, although SendMessage can also cause a task to yield. The problem with this model is that a task that doesn't regularly yield (that is, pump messages) prevents other tasks from executing. This has the effect of hanging the input system. As long as the Winl6 task isn't calling GetMessage or PeekMessage, nobody else can execute. The task that takes a krug time to finish some processing renders the rest of the system useless. When Windows NT came along, the NT team reworked the USER component so that yielding and scheduling weren't affected by whether a task calls GetMessage or PeekMessage. A Win32 program can take its sweet time processing a message without adversely affecting other processes. After Windows NT had this functionality, there was no way that Windows 95 could go out the door without also having the same improved behavior. Of course, if 16-bit applications are to continue to run correctly on Windows 95, these messaging system changes couldn't be made to apply to Win16 applications. Too many Win16 applications rely on the cooperative multitasking model, where an application doesn't yield until it's ready to. Therefore, only Win32 programs are allowed to process messages at their own pace (or not process them at all) without affecting the rest of the system.
Figure 7.14 The GetMap routine, which uses the specified coordinates and options and sends a query to the TIGER Map Service, which then sends back the map as a GIF file and closes the connection. Sub GetMap(szLat As String, szLon As String, szHgt As String, sziWid As String, sziHgt szMark As String, nGrid As Integer, nBack nStates As Integer, nCounties As Integer, nRoads As Integer, nRailroads As Integer, nShoreline As Integer, nMisc As Integer) Dim Dim Dim Dim szSendMe szData szOn szOff As As As As String String String String szWid As String, _ As String, _ As Integer, _ nPlaces As Integer, _ nWater As Integer, _
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