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Indexing and Retrieving SWDs Central to a Semantic Web search engine is the problem of indexing and searching SWDs. It is useful to apply IR techniques to documents not entirely subject to markup. To apply search to both the structured and unstructured components of a document it is conceivable that there will be some text documents that contain embedded markup. Information retrieval techniques have some value characteristics, such as researched methods for ranking matches, computing similarity between documents, and employing relevance feedback. These complement and extend the retrieval functions inherent in Swoogle. Currently, the most popular kinds of documents are Friend of a friend (FOAF) les and RSS les (RSS, an acronym for Really Simple Syndication, is a Web content syndication format). Swoogle is intended to support services needed by software agents and programs via web service interfaces. Using Swoogle, one can nd all of the Semantic Web documents that use a set of properties or classes.
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While research on knowledge absorption and retention has highlighted mechanisms and processes through which employee knowledge is appropriated by the organization, relatively few studies have analysed the relationship between such mechanisms and rm-level strategy. One study which attempts to do this, however, is a recent study of consultancy rms in the USA (Hansen et al., 1999). Although not speci cally concerned with HRM, but with knowledge management strategy , this study does identify some important relationships between HRM and KM. Hansen et al. argue that there are basically two KM strategies: codi cation and personalization .
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2. Compare actual performance with budgeted performance for the current period and for the year to date. Because the actual numbers are firm, they provide a more objective basis for analysis than the current estimate for the whole year. 3. Compare actual current performance with performance for the same period last year. A carefully prepared budget incorporates changes in the business and the economy that have occurred since the prior year, and this is a more meaningful basis for comparison than last year s numbers. If, however, the budgeted amounts, particularly the estimate of revenue, are highly uncertain, the numbers for last year provide a firmer foundation for comparison. Variances between actual and budgeted performance are discussed. Are unfavorable variances temporary If not, what steps will be taken to eliminate them, or, if they result from unforeseen outside forces, what adjustments in the company s operations will be made By reviewing the company s financial performance and raising questions or making suggestions to management, directors form judgments regarding the company s affairs. Preparing and presenting to the board a report on the company s performance is an important discipline for management.
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It establishes an agency relationship between you and the management company. The relationship is expressly limited by the powers set forth in the agreement. It provides for the management firm s compensation. This is typically done as a percentage of collections as opposed to a stated monthly rate. It is similar to a real estate broker s compensation in that the broker earns a commission only when he or she sells a property. Because the management company s compensation is, in a sense, commission driven, the company is penalized if the manager does a poor job of collecting rent. Management fees are often applied to all moneys collected, including rents, application and late fees, and other income, such as that collected from vending machines and laundry rooms. It provides for the termination of the relationship. Be careful not to get locked into too long a minimum duration, such as one year. For example, if you are bringing in a new management company to help resolve problems at your complex, you should begin seeing signs of improvement within 90 days. If you have signed a one-year agreement and are not seeing any signs of a turnaround within three to four months, you may be in trouble. Protect yourself by limiting the duration of the agreement. Most professional management firms know that if they do not perform, they will soon be replaced by another company. If the management company requires anything more than 90 to 120 days except in special circumstances, such as when complete rehabilitation of the property is required it is a red flag that should prompt you to reconsider.
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Client representations Communication between predecessor and successor auditors Communication with audit committees Compensated absences Compliance auditing/attestation Comprehensive income Computer software Concepts of financial reporting
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Multiple attributes for each element
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7: Sorting node in it, and you can sort on the value of that node:
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This is an array of file offsets to other archive members. Unlike the first Linker member, these offsets are in the native format of the machine (that is, in little-endian format for i386 machines).
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<transaction type="CR">235.00</transaction> <transaction type="DD">16.50</transaction> <transaction type="WD" currency="USD">50</transaction>
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Return to Section 6.3.1 where you left off.
We see these rules in consumer equipment. A rule of thumb in expensive three-speaker systems says spend the most on the midrange. Sometimes in a cheaper system a single central woofer reproduces bass tones. Several manufacturers radiate very high frequencies from the back, so that they re ect off a wall and other objects and gain better dispersion than direct radiation out the front.
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