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cleanup cost that would have to be paid after the payback horizon. Although the rule incorporates the time value of money, it is still shortsighted. One might conjecture that the payback and discounted payback rules are popular since they are easy to apply. Yet, this ease is paid for in lost opportunities for creating wealth and occasional misallocation of resources into wasteful projects.
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default is even more remote. Bankers hate to deal with problem loans especially when timely payments are being made.
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Building upon SOAP and WSDL technologies, the OWL-S ontology-based Web services can be dynamically invoked by other services on the Web. The following illustrates a Process:
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Investors, getting (Continued) deal structure, 149 friends/family, 146 guidelines, 147 148 incentives, 148 obligations, 147 148 planning reasonable divorce method, 148 syndications, 146 tips, 146 147 Kandell, Leonard S.: death, 217 easement consent, Trump Tower, 110 111 example of timing a sale, 212 213 friendship with Trump, 107 negotiations (ground lease/air rights) with Trump, 38 39, 105 108, 109 regarding tenants as family, 212 Ross getting as client, 109 Trump as watchdog for, 216 218 two-dollar bet, 107 Kinson Group, 48 50 Kitchens: putting sizzle into, 118 119 restaurant, 184 standards, 124 Knowledge: actual versus apparent, 79 of human nature, 76, 77, 81 85 of subject matter, 77, 78 79 Kondylis, Costas, 160 Land banking, 35 36, 214 215 Landlords. See Property management Landscape architect, hiring, 160 161 Landscaping, 115 116, 185, 199 200 Large companies as partners, 128 Late penalties (versus incentives for being early), 171 174 Launch parties, 190 Least Effort, Principle of, 15, 61, 83 Legitimacy, aura of, 56 61, 81 avoiding hypnotic effect of, 60 documents non-negotiable, 57 firm prices, 57 58 Manufacturer s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRPs), 57 Trump versus, 59 60 using to your benefit, 60 61, 81 Lehman Brothers, 131 Leverage: defined, 219 high-leverage loan programs for owner-occupants, 150 153 lessons on, 143 144 Lifestyle, understanding buyers / tenants , 120 123 appropriate features, 120 k nowing what your customers will pay extra for, 123 124 using feng shui to boost property values, 121 123 Lipstick Building, 185 187 Literature, marketing, 183, 188 189 Loan agreements, negotiating, 144 145 Location: convenience, 36 example (Trump Tower), 115 growth potential, 35 36 importance of, 23 improving, 32 33 marketing, playing up in, 183 184 prestige, 34 35 views, great, 34 Managing property. See Property management Manufacturer s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRPs), 57 Mar-a-Lago Club: case study, 196 199 example of spending-money-where-itcan-be-seen principle, 117 eye for detail, 200 202 initiation fee, 200 photograph, 197 property management, 199 200, 206 Marcos, Ferdinand, 48 Marketing strategies, 179 192 advertising: strategies, 189 190 targeting audience (selecting publications), 190 using aura of legitimacy to your benefit, 60 61 catch phrases, 189 to home buyers and renters, 191 192
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be different for each. For example, people from another department may contribute less than 10 percent of the effort to your project and be involved for only a few weeks. You will need to communicate any progress related to their work before they actually get involved, but they won t need to participate in every weekly status meeting. In addition, some people with very specialized skills may make a very limited, but essential, contribution to your project. You will not only want to keep them aware of progress related to their tasks, but you will have to consult with them concerning their availability to your project. STAKEHOLDER ROLES: MANAGEMENT Working productively with company management is important to the success of any project. Management, in this case, refers to functional management, also known as line management. These can be department managers, first-level supervisors, or executive vice presidents. With the exception of a project-oriented organization, functional managers are responsible for an organizational unit, such as Engineering or Internal Audit rather than for a specific project. These are the people with long-term control over employees and other resources in the firm. They are also involved in setting company policies policies that may impact the project. Figure 2.8 shows a typical matrix organization. 1 identified management support as one of the commonly stated characteristics of successful projects. When asked to expand on what kind of management support is most helpful, most project managers describe help in getting the right people at the right time and timely decisions based on the facts presented by the project team. These perceptions highlight the contributions that functional management makes to the project team. They can also guide the project manager in identifying which functional managers might be stakeholders on a specific project. The project manager must work closely with functional managers in getting the best people for the job. After management has initiated a project and described its scope, the project manager designs a work plan that details what skills are required for the project and which departments the workers possessing these skills will come from. Armed with this information, the project manager is now ready to identify the managers of those departments; these are the managers who will have control over the workers assigned to the project team and will decide when they are available. These managers must approve the statement of work (as described in 4) and the project plan, because the potential team members identified in these documents will come from their department. Throughout the life of the TEAM LinG - Live, Informative, Non-cost and Genuine ! 39
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