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Grundberg, E., Brandstrom, H., Ribom, E.L., Ljunggren, O., Mallmin, H. & Kindmark, A. (2004) Genetic variation in the human vitamin D receptor is associated with muscle strength, fat mass and body weight in Swedish women. European Journal of Endocrinology 150, 323 328. Guillet, C., Auguste, P., Mayo, W., Kreher, P. & Gascan, H. (1999) Ciliary neurotrophic factor is a regulator of muscular strength in aging. Journal of Neuroscience 19, 1257 1262. Hacein-Bey-Abina, S., Le Deist, F., Carlier, F., et al. (2002) Sustained correction of X-linked severe combined immunode ciency by ex vivo gene therapy. New England Journal of Medicine 346, 1185 1193. Hacein-Bey-Abina, S., von Kalle, C., Schmidt, M., et al. (2003) A serious adverse event after successful gene therapy for X-linked severe combined immunode ciency. New England Journal of Medicine 348, 255 256. Hagberg, J.M., Ferrell, R.E., McCole, S.D., Wilund, K.R. & Moore, G.E. (1998) Vo2max is associated with ACE genotype in postmenopausal women. Journal of Applied Physiology 85, 1842 1846. Hagemann, A., Nielsen, A.H. & Poulsen, K. (1994) The uteroplacental reninangiotensin system: A review. Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology 102, 252 261. Haisma, H.J. (2004) Gene Doping. Netherlands Centre for Doping Affairs (NECEDO), the Netherlands. Han, X.Y., Wang, W., Myllyla, R., Virtanen, P., Karpakka, J. & Takala, T.E. (1999) mRNA levels for alpha-subunit of prolyl 4-hydroxylase and brillar collagens in immobilized rat skeletal muscle. Journal of Applied Physiology 87, 90 96. Harris, R.C. & Cheng, H.F. (1996) The intrarenal renin-angiotensin system: a paracrine system for the local control of renal function separate from the systemic axis. Experimental Nephrology 4 (Supplement 1), 2 7. Harsh eld, G.A., Grim, C.E., Hwang, C., Savage, D.D. & Anderson, S.J. (1990) Genetic and environmental in uences on echocardiographically determined left ventricular mass in black twins. American Journal of Hypertension 3, 538 543. Haugk, K.L., Roeder, R.A., Garber, M.J. & Schelling, G.T. (1995) Regulation of muscle cell proliferation by extracts from crushed muscle. Journal of Animal Science 73, 1972 1981.
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1.1 When an entity that reports under an accounting framework other than the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) say, its own set of national accounting standards decides to change to IFRS, it has to comply with certain requirements (prescribed by IFRS) on conversion to IFRS; these requirements are outlined in IFRS 1, First-Time Adoption of IFRS. This IASB standard has gained considerable importance in recent years due to the phenomenal popularity of IFRS globally. Since the IFRS regime makes it incumbent upon all new adherents to IFRS to compulsorily pass the IFRS 1 test on conversion to IFRS, this standard is becoming more important by the day as more and more countries of the world are adopting IFRS as their national accounting standards. 1.2 Michel Prada, chairman of the Technical committee of IOSCO, in his keynote address at a round table on global accounting convergence sponsored by the Financial Stability Forum and held in Paris in February 2006, had made the following interesting observations about the global acceptance of IFRS vis- -vis other recognized international standards such as US GAAP: (a) Out of a worldwide market capitalization totaling over 36 trillion US dollars at the end of 2005, 11 trillion US dollars correspond to markets where IFRS are either required or permitted and 17 trillion US dollars to markets where US GAAP is the rule; out of the balance, 4 trillion US dollars correspond to Japanese GAAP; (b) However, in terms of the largest companies included in the coveted Fortune 500 listing for that year, 176 prepared their accounts under US GAAP, 81 entities prepared their financial statements under Japanese GAAP but 200 conglomerates used IFRS. Such insightful statistics on global acceptance of IFRS are thought-provoking and lend support to the fact that the IASB is taking giant strides forward as far more countries are adopting IFRS as their national accounting standards as opposed to other recognized accounting frameworks. 1.3 The year 2007 proved to be an exceptional year of groundbreaking achievements for the IASB. A leading international accounting journal described it as a watershed year for the IASB due to the following significant milestones achieved by it during 2007: (a) Firstly, the November 15, 2007 announcement by the US SEC, a year sooner than expected, to allow foreign private issuers to enter the US capital market using IFRScompliant financial statements (without reconciling to US GAAP), which came as a surprise to many in the international financial circles and was considered a historic move on the part of the US SEC; some even believe that this favorable nod by the US SEC to the IASB standards undoubtedly paved the way for further acceptance of IFRS globally; and (b) Secondly, the year 2007 also saw the 108th country sign up to international financial reporting standards (Accountancy, January 2008). 1.4 With such extraordinary achievements to its credit the IASB feels confident that more and more global players will sooner or later convert to IFRS. In fact, major economic players such as Canada and India have already announced their plans to go the IFRS route by 2011. Commenting on how many more countries are expected to adopt IFRS by 2011, Sir David Tweedie, chairman of the IASB, remarked, We reckon by about 2011 there ll be 150 all the major economies (Accountancy, January 2008). 1.5 IFRS 1 had assumed great practical significance for many countries when they first adopted IFRS. In fact, in 2005, when more than 8,000 listed entities in all countries within the European
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systems by performing a weighing procedure for the limb and dynamometer arm prior to strength measurement and the torque measurement is then corrected throughout the range of movement. Ballistic testing The majority of sports involve striking, kicking, throwing, or projecting the body into free space. The kinetic and kinematic pro le of isoinertial, isometric, and isokinetic testing methods are very different to the accelerative, high power output characteristic of sport movements (Newton et al., 1994). As a result, measurement of force, velocity, and power during ballistic movements such as countermovement jump (CMJ), jump squat (CMJ with additional load to body weight), squat jump (concentric only jump with body weight or load), bench throws, bench pulls, and various weightlifting movements is becoming increasingly used for athlete testing. The CMJ is a basic test of vertical jump capacity. The athlete dips down and then immediately jumps upward, attempting to maximize the height jumped. With the use of a force plate and position transducer, ground reaction force and displacement can be recorded (McBride et al., 1999). From these data, a number of variables that characterize the performance can be calculated. Jump height is an obvious measure, but the power output during the jump, peak force produced, and time to attain that force can also be calculated. Sophisticated systems are available to measure force output and displacement as explained earlier in this chapter. From these systems, data such as height (displacement), velocity, force, and power output can be calculated. The loads used depend on the athlete and the task, but a spectrum is useful so that an impression of the athlete s performance under heavy and light loads can be ascertained (i.e., high or low load speed-strength). One scheme is to use loads of 30, 55, and 80% 1 RM (McBride et al., 2001), while another method seeks to determine the optimal load for power production (Baker et al., 2001a,b; Wilson et al. 1993). When determining the optimal load for the jump squat, the athlete rst performs with a preselected load (Fig. 4.7). After each trial the load is
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so now, provided that all over-the-air communications between the subscriber and the BTS (cell) are to be encrypted, a start ciphering message is sent to both the BTS and the handset. This message also indicates whether to use A5/1 or A5/2. The Kc that the MSC/VLR got from the subscriber s HLR is passed to the BTS, which feeds it into its A5 engine, and the Kc generated by the SIM is used to initialize the handset s A5 engine. Since the authentication stage was successful, the BTS s Kc and the SIM s Kc would be identical. Encryption proceeds as I laid out in the A5 description. In this manner, all voice and data traffic in the form of TDMA frames is encrypted between the handset and the BTS. How often Kc is rechosen is implementation specific. It could be multiple times during the lifetime of a call, or only once during call setup, or for every nth call. In addition to the initial A3 authentication, the subscriber s handset could also be subjected to a test. The handset s IMEI is looked up in the EIR database, and would either be permitted or denied from using the GSM network, e.g., if the phone was reported stolen.
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We have a few standards that are trying to provide a uniform way to manage a service after it has been put into production. Management tasks include:
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This is the received power. The noise that the receiver adds is given by Eq. (4.7), and it depends on the receiver bandwidth. That in turn depends on the bit rate in the link. Digital transmission methods are covered in Section 4.3, and for now we can just state that 5 Mbit/s will be transmitted and that it will occupy 5 MHz of RF spectrum. The noise power is then N kTBm 1:38 10 23 J=K 20 K 5 106 Hz 1:4 10 15 W 4:10
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1 Applications, Models, Problems, and Solution Strategies
Assumptions for Investor A:
END POINT Estimating will never be a science that produces 100 percent accurate results. Complete accuracy requires the project manager to forecast the future and to be in control of all project variables two requirements that will never be met. But estimates can be sufficiently accurate to support good business decisions. In all the estimating techniques presented in this chapter there are consistent lessons: It takes time and costs money to develop accurate estimates. Every technique gives better results when it is used consistently. The lessons of the past improve the forecasts of the future. Comparing actual performance to estimates is essential to refining the estimating model. Without this comparison there is no science in the process, only gut feelings. Many of the techniques work together. The art of estimating is knowing when to use which technique and knowing how much accuracy is required for the business decision at hand. The variables that make estimates wrong are often beyond the control of the project team. Variables such as changing specifications, failed technology, bad weather, and team turnover can t be accurately predicted, and yet they result in a variance from the plan. It s apparent that project managers working independently never create accurate, useful estimation processes. It takes a conscious effort by the firm to establish estimating practices and make sure they are used on every project and updated over time to increase accuracy. Perhaps the most important lesson we can learn about estimating is that all the stakeholders are responsible for accurate estimates. Customers, sponsors, and management, for example, have more control than the project team over factors such as the stability of the specifications, the availability of personnel, and the deadline pressures. A cooperative approach between these stakeholders will yield positive results. When estimating becomes an adversarial game between the project team and the customer, there will always be a loser. On the other hand, if all stakeholders understand the dynamics of estimating and work honestly to reduce the uncertainty of the project, everyone will win.
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