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Figure 3.1 Web services can be seen as a triangular relationship of publishing, nding, and interacting with a remote service on the Web
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33 / First-Time Adoption of Internal Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS 1)
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11. The migration to xed-mobile convergence is inevitable and accelerating. Each traditional type of service provider, such as telephone companies, cable companies, cellular companies, and satellite television broadcasters, is seeking to incorporate the capabilities of others legacy specialities into fully converged uni ed networks, serving customers regardless of the environment they may be in at any given moment. This convergence overlap will challenge and disrupt many of the existing regulatory environments and traditional business models across these markets. Some of the issues that are raised include the following, in addition to the ones suggested above such as who should pay what subsidies: (1) What is the role of traditional regulatory oversight of intercarrier settlements for international interconnection and revenue sharing (2) What regulatory authority should the states and local jurisdictions have (3) How can the cable multiple system owners compete against the ILECs who can offer a quadruple play, including seamless mobile integration (4) What regulatory oversight is appropriate to maintain E911 services, which apply to or are even feasible for second-line services that are provisioned over either a licensed or license-exempt radio spectrum, but which compete with legacy and common carrier services (5) What types of handsets and user devices will emerge 12. Regulatory exibility will become essential as the blurring of boundaries between the various services that have historically been regulated within distinct vertical silos evolves. Local telephone, Intra-LATA toll (regional long distance), interstate long distance, international long distance, terrestrial television, satellite and radio broadcasting, media cross-ownership, Internet access, cellular telephony delivered over new packet data architectures, and a whole host of tangential regulatory and taxation treatments must be developed and implemented in a highly fractious and politically charged environment. The answer to these and related multivariate questions is central to ensuring a successful transition of the traditional telecommunications industry into the broadband IP environment of the future. There are a growing number of 900pound gorillas showing up in the room, and if we fail to address the implications of these technical and market-changing events in a thoughtful and comprehensive manner at all levels of the political, regulatory, and nancial communities, it will certainly lead to disruption and pain across all factions contending for participation in the broadband future. The following chapters will attempt to identify the key issues that will in uence this transition and posit some of the major trends that will emerge through the process to affect the participants and the public at large. We are at a major crossroads in the evolution of our information and communications industry. We will enjoy a digitally empowered future only if all the key decision makers and constituencies cooperate in a manner that will provide a future regulatory framework that does not constrain innovation and progress simply to protect rapidly obsolescing legacy technologies and networks.
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9 . 4 Phase 3: Perform a value-based analysis
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Power Technology
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