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The Business Plan
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We ve saved the best for last. When we discovered that MCI had selected themselves as our long-distance carriers, we decided to experiment a little. One of our experiments involved trying to make an operator assisted call ( zero plus ) on an MCI line. MCI doesn t offer operator assisted services. So we were curious as to what would happen when we tried to do this. What happened was a big surprise. We got the same little fading dial tone that we got on AT&T in other words, the prompt to enter our AT&T calling card number. We entered the card number and were astounded to hear a recording say, Thank you for using NTS. NTS Who the hell were they ! And what were they doing accepting AT&T calling card numbers on MCI lines We ll skip all of the drama and simply tell you what we found out. NTS is an Alternate Operator Service (AOS) company. They handle calls from hotel rooms and privately owned pay phones. Their rates are often double those of AT&T. And it seems that in various parts of the country, MCI has a clandestine relationship with these people. We say clandestine because we re in the habit of reading all of the literature from every phone company that serves our area. And nowhere has this little service been mentioned. We have yet to find anyone in MCI who is even aware of this arrangement. On the other hand, NTS (based in Rockville, Maryland) is quite proud of the MCI connection. All of the NTS operators (who can trick anyone into believing they re really from AT&T) are aware that they provide service for MCI zero plus customers.
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The book confirms what hackers on all coasts have known and preached for years: that a computer system s worst enemy is its users. Nearly every system was hacked by exploiting poorly chosen passwords or bugs in the operating systems. Interestingly, Cyberpunk also confirms that the authorities amount to only so many bumbling Keystone computer cops desperately trying to match wits with misfits. The fact is that everyone described here got busted because they either talked too much or were betrayed by close friends. Without such help, the long arm of the law appears to be nothing more than a wet noodle. Perhaps the central weakness of Cyberpunk is its somewhat blatant bias and lack of objectivity. Time and time again, readers will encounter the author s own prejudices slipping through the cracks between the lines. Although no one is innocent in Cyberpunk, readers will easily get the impression that Mitnick is the sinner of the three. This is despite the fact that Mitnick s exploits appear equal, if not less damaging, than those of the others. Unfortunately, the bias rears its ugly head in a number of passages, a telltale sign that the authors appear to be more incensed with Mitnick s attitude than with anything else. It is also no coincidence that Mitnick is the only central character that refused to be interviewed for the book. Despite this weakness, Cyberpunk remains a thought-provoking looking glass into the lives of the most interesting people in the Information Age. The true tales of these harbinger hackers will leave readers spellbound while they eagerly await a sequel.
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If you ve been reading this chapter as I ve suggested, rst mastering the technical material, and then going on to the theory, you may have paid more attention to the non-indented comments and done the rst exercise: excellent. Now read back over the chapter as a whole, paying particular attention to the indented material.
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Budget definition.
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Testing the Disaster Recovery Plan
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Association to the BSS
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VE (L min 1)
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