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0.12 ppm. American Review of Respiratory Disease 142, 1158 1163. Kayser, B. (2003) Exercise starts and ends in the brain. European Journal of Applied Physiology 90, 411 419. Kayser, B., Narici, M., Binzoni, T., Grassi, B. & Cerretelli, P. (1994) Fatigue and exhaustion in chronic hypobaric hypoxia: in uence of exercising muscle mass. Journal of Applied Physiology 76, 634 640. Keatinge, W.R., Prys-Roberts, C., Cooper, K.E., Honour, A.J. & Haight, J. (1969) Sudden failure of swimming in cold water. British Medical Journal 1, 480 483. Kenney, W.L., DeGroot, D.W. & Holowatz, L.A. (2004) Extremes of human heat tolerance: Life at the precipice of thermoregulatory failure. Journal of Thermal Biology 29, 479 485. Kozlowski, S. & Saltin, B. (1964) Effect of sweat loss on body uids. Journal of Applied Physiology 19, 1119 1124. Krakauer, J. (1997) Into Thin Air. Villard, New York. Ladell, W.S. (1955) The effects of water and salt intake upon the performance of men working in hot and humid environments. Journal of Physiology 127, 11 46. Ladell, W.S. (1957) Disorders due to heat. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 51, 189 207. Ledingham, I.M., MacVicar, S., Watt, I. & Weston, G.A. (1982) Early resuscitation after marathon collapse. Lancet 2, 1096 1097. Levine, B.D. & Stray-Gundersen, J. (2005) Point: positive effects of intermittent hypoxia (live high: train low) on exercise performance are mediated primarily by augmented red cell volume. Journal of Applied Physiology 99, 2053 2055. Martin, D.E. & Gynn, R.W.H. (2000) The Olympic Marathon. Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL. McConnell, R., Berhane, K., Gilliland, F., et al. (2002) Asthma in exercising children exposed to ozone: A cohort study. Lancet 359, 386 391. Messner, R. (1979) Everest: Expedition to the Ultimate. Kaye & Ward, London. Millard-Stafford, M., Sparling, P.B., Rosskopf, L.B., Snow, T.K., DiCarlo, L.J. & Hinson, B.T. (1995) Fluid intake in male and female runners during a 40-km eld run in the heat. Journal of Sports Sciences 13, 257 263. Montain, S.J. & Coyle, E.F. (1992) In uence of graded dehydration on hyperthermia and cardiovascular drift during exercise.
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Facility Versus Contact Mechanism
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Gaussian Noise This completes the budget except for noise. In a space channel, and in most channels, noise appears at the front of the receiver. We have therefore shown it adding there in the gure. It is tempting to think that noise is present in the medium itself, but this is usually not the dominant source. At the front of the receiver, the incoming power Pr terminates at some load resistor or ampli er called the termination, and it is here that noise normally enters the picture. The termination has a temperature, and this creates white thermal noise
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Other Disclosures required by IAS 1
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See 13 for more information about security measures.
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Mentats and I-Filters A Mentat s viewpoint can be embedded in software, at which point it s an automated information filter, or I-Filter, that can be applied automatically to large volumes of material. Yahoo! s information hierarchies are a wellknown example of an I-Filter: they organize information and screen out or demote stuff that s supposedly less relevant or important. I say supposedly because there s a difference between Yahoo! s (and most other search engines ) apparent agenda and the covert agenda. The apparent agenda is to present information that s precisely relevant to the users interests. The covert agenda is to present relevant information for which advertising fees have been paid. Most search engines now use the services of in ordering search results, and GoTo orders results by how much Web sites have paid to be listed first. ( is the most widely used search engine that orders search results strictly by relevancy alone. It s also the fastest growing search engine in terms of number of users, and the third most widely used overall. My guess is that it s the engine of choice for Critical Thinkers and One-Dimensional Experts.) I said earlier that, under normal circumstances, much of a Mentat s power is invisible to the user. The same goes for any I-Filter. The user only sees what s there and never sees what the I-Filter doesn t show.
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NEXT STEPS That is it; you are well on your way. Once you enact that sixth step, you are ready to actually execute the plan and make it happen. As you work through those six steps and even beyond, there are a number of
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the static THREADS environment, the number of threads to be used in execution is indicated to the translator in an implementation-de ned manner. If the actual execution environment differs from this number of threads, the behavior of the program is unde ned. 5.1.2 Execution Environment
In a similar manner, WORK EFFORT FIXED ASSET REQUIREMENT will provide information for the scheduling and assignment of types of fixed assets. Other information carried by this entity includes the estimated quantity of the type of fixed asset needed, the estimated duration amount of time the fixed assets will be used in the execution of this WORK EFFORT TYPE and the estimated cost. Examples of this data are given in Table 6.18.
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