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The Verification-Mode header field is specified in the START-SESSION request method to indicate whether a training session (train) or verification session (verify) is to be started. There is no default value specified for this header. Example: Verification-Mode: train
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< xml version "1.0" encoding "UTF-8" > <!DOCTYPE rdf:RDF [ <!ENTITY rdfns > <!ENTITY rdfsns > <!ENTITY dens > <!ENTITY dctermsns > <!ENTITY dctypens > ]> <rdf:RDF xmlns:dcterms "" xmlns:dc "" xmlns:rdfs "" xmlns:rdf ""> <rdf: Description rdf: about "http: //purl. org/dc/elements/1.1/"> <dc:title xml:lang "en-US"> The Dublin Core Element Set v1.1 namespace providing access to its content by means of an RDF Schema </dc:title> <dc:publisher xml:lang "en-US"> The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative </dc:publisher> <dc:description xml:lang "en-US"> The Dublin Core Element Set v1.1 namespace provides URIs for the Dublin Core Elements v1.1. Entries are declared using RDF Schema language to support RDF applications. </dc:description> <dc:language xml:1ang "en-US">English</dc:language> <dcterms:issued>l999-07-02</dcterms:issued> <dcterms:modified>2003-03-2 4</dcterms:modified> <dc:source rdf:resource ""/>
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Finally, there is the central justification of the deal: cross-selling each other s products, mainly to retail customers. Over the next two years, Citigroup ought to be able to generate $600 million more in earnings because of cross-selling. 9
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The ability of this team to build their own research-based protocol came only after years of preparatory work within the agency/practice. For example, staff in the agency/ practice were trained in the design methodology. Further, staff were trained in the basics of statistical analysis and databased decision making. This was not a one-time training, but a series of trainings over a number of years. This continuous training helped to mold the agency/practice culture into a design-oriented, databased decisionmaking culture. Thus, the type of evidence-based practice an agency/practice decides to participate in depends on the agency/practice s culture and the extent that there is resistance or lack of resistance to the concept of evidence-based practice. The more an agency/ practice staff is familiar with databased decision making, or following protocols, or responding to other types of accountability systems, the more structured a system of evidence-based practice the agency/practice will be able to easily accomplish. The less an agency/practice staff is familiar with (and/or accepting of ) the preceding practices, the more difficult it will be, thus, the more costly it will be to establish the evidencebased practice because it will take more preparatory work before the evidence-based practice can be easily accomplished, that is, designed and integrated within the system.
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It is always a good idea to take pictures of the property right after your tenants have moved out. If there is ever a dispute, a judge will ask for photos to prove the condition or damage and justify the charges to your tenant s security deposit.
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*See 4 with respect to procedures to document audit committee activities.
The objectives hierarchy of a system contains a hierarchical representation of the major performance, cost, and schedule characteristics that the stakeholders will use to determine their satisfaction with the system. For example, stakeholders evaluate an elevator system on the basis of the time spent waiting from their arrival at the elevator until they are delivered at their desired oor. Stakeholders are also concerned about the quality of the ride and the availability of the elevator services. The stakeholder, who is responsible for the building in which the elevator is located, is concerned about the monthly operating cost of providing the elevator services. See Figure 2.4 for a sample objectives hierarchy for the operational phase of the elevator. 2.3.4 Requirements
they back down or we are stripped of our right to speak at all. That is how important this is. The MPAA is coming at us using a very scary piece of law that civil libertarians have been wanting to challenge since its inception. It s called the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and it basically makes it illegal to reverse engineer technology. This means you re not allowed to take things apart and figure out how they work if the corporate entities involved don t want you to. With today s technology, you are not actually buying things like DVDs; you are merely buying a license to use them under their conditions. So, under the DMCA, it is illegal to play your DVD on your computer if your computer isn t licensed for it. It s illegal for you to figure out a way to play a European DVD on your TV set. And if you rent a DVD from your local video store, figuring out a way to bypass the commercials in the beginning could land you in court or even prison. It sounds absurd because it is absurd. And that is precisely why we re not going to back down on this and why others should take up the fight before things get any worse. The world the MPAA and the megacorporations want us to live in is a living hell. They are motivated by one factor alone and that is greed. If they can make you buy the same thing multiple times, they will. If they can control the hardware as well as the software, they will. If they can prevent equal access to technology by entities not under their umbrella, they will. And you can bet that if they have to lie, cheat, and deceive to accomplish this, they most definitely will. Let s take a look at what the MPAA has been saying publicly. When the injunction was granted against us, they called it a victory for artists and a strike against piracy. The newspapers and media outlets most of them owned by the same companies that are suing us dutifully reported just that. But anyone who does even the smallest amount of research can quickly surmise that this case has got nothing at all to do with piracy. It has always been possible to copy DVDs and there are massive warehouses in other parts of the world that do just that. But that apparently isn t as much of a threat as people understanding how the technology works. Sound familiar It s the same logic that the feds have used to imprison those hackers who explain things to other people while not even prosecuting the individuals who do actual damage. The real threat, in their eyes, is people like us, who believe in spreading information and understanding technology. By painting us as evil villains out to rip off DVDs and ruin things for everyone, they are deceiving the public in a way that we ve become all too familiar with. Those of us who have been watching the ominous trends in this country might have been able to predict this battle. It was less than a year ago that Satellite Watch News was put out of business by General Motors DirecTV because they didn t like the specific information they printed about the workings of satellite technology. We knew it was only a matter of time before one of these fantastically powerful corporations turned
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