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Command: LIST OVERVIEW.FMT * Description: Returns the contents of the overview.fmt file, which contains the order in which header information is stored in the overview databases for each newsgroup. Usage: LIST OVERVIEW.FMT <CRLF>
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The purpose of this section is to perform a typical dimensioning of radio frequency links according to the principles exposed in this chapter. Figure 5.37 shows the architecture of the considered VSAT network.
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So, just what is ANI ANI stands for Automatic Number Identification. ANI is a service feature that transmits a directory number or Billing Telephone Number (BTN) to be obtained automatically. In other words, your number is sent directly to wherever you are calling automatically. Unlike with Caller ID you cannot block this feature. What is flex ANI Flexible ANI provides II (Identification Indicator) digits that identify the class of service of the phone you are calling from. Flex ANI is transmitted as II digits + BTN. What are ANI II digits Identification Indicator digits describe the class of service of the telephone. Some examples are:
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Between February and April 1994, David Askin lost all $600 million that he managed on behalf of the investors in his Granite Hedge Funds. Imagine the surprise of the investors. Not only had they earned over 22% the previous year, but the fund was invested in mortgage-backed securities instruments guaranteed by the U.S. government not to default. The lesson from the Askin experience, is that in the age of derivatives, investments with innocuous names might not be as safe and secure as they sound. The particular type of mortgage-backed securities that Askin purchased were collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs), which are bonds whose cash f lows to investors are determined by a formula. The formula is a function of mortgage interest rates and also of the prepayment behavior of home buyers. Since the cash f low to CMOs is a function of some other economic variable, interest rates in this case, these instruments are categorized as derivatives. Some CMOs rise in value as interest rates rise, others fall. Askin s CMOs were very sensitive to interest rates. Askin s portfolio rose in value as interest rates fell in 1993. When interest rates began to rise again in February 1994, his portfolio suffered. Interest rate increases alone, however, were not the sole cause of Askin s losses. As interest rates rose and CMO prices fell, CMO investors everywhere got scared and sold. CMO prices were doubly battered as the demand dried up. It was a classic panic. Prices fell far more than the theoretical pricing models predicted. Eventually, calm returned to the market, investors trickled back, and prices rebounded. But it was too late for Askin. He had bought on margin, and his creditors had liquidated his fund at the market s bottom.
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31 / Investment Property (IAS 40)
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Depending on the type of problem, the therapist or counselor should treat with empirically validated therapies if they have been developed and tested for that problem. Empirically validated means that researchers have tested the strategies under experimentally controlled conditions to find out whether they really work to change the targeted problem. Generally speaking, empirically validated therapies have treatment manuals, which are like cookbooks for conducting precise and consistent therapy. Treatment manuals developed for a specific problem tell you exactly what to do (and in what order) when treating that problem. Using empirically validated strategies ensures that the client is getting the best care known to treat a specific problem, and using a treatment manual allows for
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We can now expect a crackdown... I just hope that I can pull through this one and that my friends can also. This is the time to watch yourself. No matter what you are into.... Apparently the government has seen the last straw in their point of view.... I think they are going after all the teachers ... and so that is where their energies will be put: to stop all hackers, and stop people before they can become threats. This was one of the reactions on a computer bulletin board to a series of raids on hackers, raids that had started in 1989 and spread rapidly into early 1990. Atlanta, St. Louis, and New York were major targets in what was then an undetermined investigation. This in itself wouldn t have been especially alarming, since raids on hackers can almost be defined as commonplace. But this one was different. For the very first time, a hacker newsletter had also been shut down. Phrack was an electronic newsletter published out of St. Louis and distributed worldwide. It dealt with hacker and phone phreak matters and could be found on nearly all hacker bulletin boards. While dealing with sensitive material, the editors were very careful not to publish anything illegal (credit card numbers, passwords,
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Figure 14.3 START-INPUT-TIMERS request example.
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