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Check exception handling and error message. Prove that the system will deal with program exceptions and erroneous data. Limit or prevent an end user from trying to do something he should not. Demonstrate that the system does not do anything that it is not supposed to do. Users are permitted to perform only actions based on their authorizations, position roles, and permissions.
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The advantages of a full backup are: A full backup contains all the system s data on the media. If you must restore a full volume, the recovery time is shorter. Files are easier to locate because backups include all the data contained on the device. The disadvantages of this method are: Backups become redundant because the majority of files rarely change. Full backups take longer and can require more media. This increases as more devices are added.
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Trying to make up for lost time If you re 50 or older and feel like you re lagging behind in your retirement savings, you can make annual, pretax catch-up contributions on top of your other savings to your 401(k) (assuming your plan allows it). The limit on catch-up contributions will be phased in from 2002 to 2006 ($1,000 each year), until it hits $5,000 in 2006.
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ARQ (automatic repeat request). See HARQ (hybrid automatic repeat request) ART. See Advanced Radio Telecom (ART) ASIC (application-speci c integrated circuits), 5, 161, 193 ASP (application service provider) model, 65, 115 Asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), 79 ATC (Ancillary Terrestrial Component), 126 ATM (asynchronous transfer mode), 79 AT&T and 700 MHz auction, 201 breakup and reconsolidation of Bell system, 7, 15, 200 and broadband IP services, 26, 27 and cellular stickiness factor, 26 as GSM carrier, 26, 27 and industry realities, 206, 207 ISP subscribers, 102 as largest cellular operator, 15, 17 18 and location-based services, 112 market issues, 53, 54, 73, 138 as one of two largest landline providers, 15 regulatory issues, 200, 201 U-verse service, 98 Attenuation, de ned, 218 Auctions, radio spectrum, 16, 20 22, 201, 203 205 Audio les caching, 152 compressing, 110 Authentication, 155 156, 198 Authorization, 156, 198 AVC (advanced video coding), 123, 124 AWS (advanced wireless services), 16, 90, 201 Azimuth, de ned, 218 B Backhaul capacity, 159 Bandwidth, de ned, 218 Baugh, Rick, 81 Beamwidth, de ned, 219
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CHAPTER SUMMARY This chapter describes all the UML 2.0 diagrams in terms of their nature (structural versus behavioral and static versus dynamic). It also discusses the basics of these diagrams and how they are put together. Understanding the nature and applicability of the UML diagrams, discussed here using some basic examples, provides the necessary groundwork for techniques of V&V that are applicable to these models. Finally, the chapter brie y considers UML s extensibility mechanisms and UML s meta-model, which provide elasticity to UML. 2.1 THE NATURE OF UML DIAGRAMS
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historical exchange rates. These procedures are followed when translation (remeasurement) follows the temporal method. Translation under the all-current method and remeasurement under the temporal method are illustrated next.
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